Oil Drains

  • Weaver Equipment W-8G  Oil Drain 8 Gallon Capacity

    Weaver® Equipment

    Weaver® W-8G 8-Gallon Oil Drain

    (14 reviews)

      The Weaver® W-8G oil drain is a great choice for the hobbyist when changing your own oil. The W-8G oil drain has a lightweight poly tank that allows for easy roll around and simplifies evacuation of waste oil. Check out...

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  • Weaver Equipment W-18G  18 Gallon Oil Drain

    Weaver® Equipment

    Weaver® W-18G 18-Gallon Oil Drain

    (3 reviews)

      The Weaver® W-18G is a hi-rise 18 gallon portable Oil Drain with collection funnel.  The lightweight translucent tank allows you to see the oil level as well as being easy to roll around the shop...

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