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Weaver® W-9SD Overhead 2 Post Car Lift

  • Weaver® W-9SD Overhead 2 Post Car Lift
  • Offset Arms folded inward
  • Front View of W-9SD Carriage shows Access Cover to Cable, Rubber Door Guards, Precision Arm Restraint Gears and Stack Adapter Storage
  • Offset Arms folded outward
  • Back View of W-9SD Column shows Steel Hydraulic Hose Covers and Stack Adapter Storage
  • W-9SD Complete Adapter Set Included - (4 each) 6", 3", 1 1/2"  Stack Adapters, Rubber Padded Lift Adapters, U-shaped Frame Adapters
  • W-9SD Frame Adapter, Set of Four Included with Lift
  • Main Side Safety Lock and Handle
  • Single Point Safety Lock Release Handle
  • Off Side Safety Lock
  • Shipping Package 111" x 18" x 48" weight 1500-lbs.
  • Shipping Package Unwrapped
  • W-9SD Car Lift with Optional Blue
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    Warehouse pick up price Now ($1799.00).  The Weaver® Lift W-9SD is The Ultimate 9,000-lb 2-Post Lift.  Why is it The Ultimate?  Very simple, checkout and compare the standard included features against any other 9,000-lb lift and you will see a great savings for you and many reasons it is a Best Seller.  The W-9SD excels as a fully featured 9,000-lb. capacity auto lift complete with NEW Super-Symmetric arms that allow asymmetric or symmetric loading, single point safety release, commercial grade arm restraint locks and dual direct-drive cylinders.  The W-9SD is now priced hundreds below comparable models and about the same as chain driven models with less features. Also Included FREE for a limited time, a set of 4 U-Shaped Frame Adapters (A $100.00 Value Included)! 

    Free Shipping To Over 85% of the USA - See Where It's Free

    For warehouse pick up at our Texas or North Carolina Warehouse call for pick up price ($1799.00), make payment and schedule a pick up appointment.  

    Experience the power and reliability of direct-drive at the price of chain drive with frame adapters included!           

    What is Super-Symmetric and how does it load either asymmetric or symmetric?  This unique arm style utilizes 2 stage offset front arms and 2 stage rear arms to allow both asymmetric and symmetric lifting methods.  All arms fold backwards to allow efficient asymmetric vehicle loading or open the arms wide to drive in for symmetric loading.  The Offset 2-stage front arms are short enough to allow asymmetric loading and when the front arms are near fully retracted and symmetric loading when the front arms are near fully extended.  Short enough for wide unibodys yet long enough to reach the frame on framed vehicles.         

    This commercial grade 2-Post Lift also has dual height positions that allow for installation under a 12' ceiling or a second selection to raise the height to 12' 6".  Stack pad height adapters ( 1 1/2", 3" and 6") are also included to adjust pad heights for various vehicles including trucks.  Also included is a set of 4 Frame Adapters that are typically sold as optional equipment from other brands.

    The W-9SD is an overhead beam style clear-floor design with a padded shut-off bar for overhead vehicle protection.  The columns are positioned symmetric (straight) with Super-Symmteric arms that allow the most flexibility for loading either asymmetric or symmetric lifting points.   

    States Derek Weaver, "Quality, Durability and Affordability or it wouldn't wear the Weaver® Lift label.  This is an extreme value when compared to the prices some companies want to charge.  Get more here and Get It Up".


    • Super-Symmetric (2 in 1) arms increase overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles
    • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
    • Single-point safety release allow technician to disengage both column simultaneously
    • Self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings
    • Clear-floor design, provides unobstructed floor use
    • Overhead safety shut-off device prevents vehicle damage
    • Stackable adapters 1.5", 3", 6" are standard
    • 4 Frame Adapters Included
    • Standard adjustable heights accommodates varying ceiling heights
    • Standard door guards and toe guards on lifting arms
    • Automatic swing arm restraints
    • Anchor Bolts Included


    • Lifting Capacity: 9000 LB.
    • Drive Thru:  99 1/2" symmetric, 93" asymmetric
    • Motor Rating:  3HP, 220V, 1 PH, 30A
    • Overall Floor Width: 135"
    • Overall Height 142 1/2" or 150 1/2"
    • Floor to Overhead Shut-Off Switch: 134" or 142"
    • Lifting Height:  71" - 81"
    • Low Pad Height: 4 1/4"
    • Width Between Columns: 112 1/4"
    • Shipping Weight:  1500LB.
    • Concrete Requirement: 4" Depth, 3000 PSI Rebar Reinforced
    • Base Plate:  15 5/8" X 17 5/8"
    • Column & Carriage Thickness 5mm
    • Arm Thickness 6mm
    • Cable Diameter .375"
    • Lifting Time: 50 Seconds
    • Hydraulic Oil - AW32 or AW46

    5-year structural warranty, 1-year hydraulic cylinder and 1-year warranty on power unit.  Affordably priced for the commercial shop or enthusiast garage.

    Product Videos - All videos are for demonostration purposes. You must wear manufacturer recommended protective gear when using equipment and follow all safety precautions in the manufacturer's operation manual.

    Bleeding 2-Post Direct Drive Lift Cylinders (01:40)
    • Bleeding 2-Pos...
    • W-9D Hardware ...
    • Rebuilding a P...
      Rebuilding a Push-Style Cylinder
    • Power Unit Wir...
    • 90 Second Know...
      In 90 seconds learn how to fill and bleed a two-post lift ©20...
    • 2 Post Lift Da...
      In 90 seconds learn how to perform a daily inspection on your ...
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    1. Very good lift for the price 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Aug 2018

      The lift seems to operate well and the overall construction is very good. I really like the frame rail adapters that were included. These make lifting a full frame vehicle much safer as there is no feasible way for it to slip off the lift arms.

      As noted by others, the instructions are difficult to understand, at best, with directions and diagrams for tasks scattered throughout the manual. Some changes would save the end user considerable time and effort. In particular, it would be extremely helpful if the dimension for the distance between the posts was listed inside of base plate to inside of base plate (which by the way is 103 1/4"), as the dimension from inside of column to inside of column is inaccurate until the posts have been leveled, which is done after the anchor bolt holes have been drilled. An additional note about bleeding the hydraulic cylinders would also be helpful. I knew to do this from other lift installations, but for first timers this would not necessarily be obvious.

      My only other criticism is that it was never clearly stated that this was manufactured in China. Maybe I should have expected that for the price, but the country of manufacture was never specified, and Derek Weaver brand sounded very American to me.

      All this being said, the quality is good, operation is smooth, and it feels sturdy and safe. I would certainly consider buying another when its time to add a fourth lift at my shop.

    2. Great lift 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Apr 2018

      The lift is great so far. Not as bad to put up as I was expecting 2 people a cherry picker and about 7 hours it was up. I would have gave it 5 stars if the directions were better.
      I have been waiting for years to finally have a lift sure makes maintenance on my fleet of vehicles and toys easy,

    3. Home shop use 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 15th Apr 2018

      I installed this lift im my home shop. So far in 3 months I have lifted every vehicle i oun and half my friends. Everything from a 2014 cruze to a 2005 crewcab shortbed duramax. It has been a great lift for me i recommend it to anyone who asks me about it.

    4. Great lift for the money 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Dec 2017

      I have this lift since February 2017. Working as good or better than the one I use at work. I would recommend this lift to anyone. Thank you for an awesome lift at a affordable price.

    5. W-9D Lift 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Oct 2017

      Pretty excited to have a car lift finally. I did quite a lot of research and came upon the W-9D lift from Weaver. Just lifted my first automobile and it worked just fine. Like the rest of the reviews the instructions were terrible. Someone should take a little time and come up with better ones. That said if you are reasonably mechanical you can figure it out. I had a few questions and got very quick responses and got it done. Dan was very helpful.Seems to be built well. Only time will tell. Thanks

    6. NO PROBLEM 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 23rd Jan 2017

      This is the fourth weaver lift I have has installed. I haven't had a problem yet with any of them.

    7. Super nice lift 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Nov 2016

      I have been wanting a lift for a long time. I done a lot of research on which one to buy. I am so glad that I chose the W9D. I love it. It was easy to assemble and it works GREAT!!!!!!!! If you are looking for a great lift for a unbelievable price look no further. The only regret I have is that I didn't buy it sooner. Thanks Derek Weaver for a great product at a affordable price.

    8. Amazing Lift so far 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 8th Jun 2016

      Just finished installing my lift. Haven't had a chance to run it with a load yet, but it works well without one and looks great!

      Fast shipping!

      My only complaint would be the instructions. Finding the correct bolts to use for each part was a pain by having to flip back and forth trying to match part numbers with bolt sizes in metric. Also it is hard to tell by the pictures which way parts needed to face and which sides they needed to be mounted to. The poor instructions isn't that big of a deal as far as I'm concerned. Just plan for a few extra hours on the install time.

      After having a hand standing the two posts up, I finished installing the rest of the lift myself. I recommend leaving the bolts to the upper assembly and extension loose and use a jack to level the top beam going across before tightening. I ended up having to go back and do this because the cables will rub if the top beam isn't level.

      I would recommend this lift & would purchase it again for sure!

    9. Excellent quality and value! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th Mar 2016

      I bought this lift a couple of months ago for my hobby shop at my home. I researched several different brands and models and ultimately decided on this lift because of the direct hydraulic drive rather than the chain drive systems common in lifts of this size.

      I picked up the lift with my 5x10 utility trailer at the shipping terminal, where they could load it for me with their forklift. Once home, I unloaded it one piece at a time with the aid of my engine hoist (cherry picker). It wasn't optimal, but I was able to get it all on the floor in this manner.

      I cleaned the parts with WD-40 and assembled them according to the instructions. The instructions were somewhat vague and unclear as others have mentioned, but the most difficult part was trying to ensure I was using the correct fastener for the correct part. It's just a minor nuisance.

      Once assembled, I used the engine hoist to lift each of the side posts up to a point where I could get under them and walk them up by myself. This was tricky, and I do NOT recommend trying to assemble this lift by yourself.

      I measured, marked, measured again, and marked again where the side posts should be permanently installed and proceeded to drill the holes. Word of advice: use a BIG drill. It took me HOURS to get my holes drilled because my drill wasn't big enough. I should have probably used two bits also, because mine was extremely dull toward the end. I used a shop vac and compressed air to blow the holes out during drilling and before installing the wedge bolts.

      Electrical hookups were straightforward, as was motor installation and hydraulic lines. I had to tighten one connection after the initial run, but that was it. It's better to check for leaks and have to tighten them later than to get them too tight to begin with.

      I've used it for a few months now and I've had zero problems with the lift. I've lifted two Mustangs, a Ford Ranger extended cab, and a GMC Acadia with no problems. Make sure you know good lift points with whatever vehicle you're lifting.

      I'm glad I purchased this lift and would recommend it to anyone not needing to lift heavier vehicles.

    10. Great shop lift 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 13th Sep 2015

      I've been wanting a lift for a long time. I purchased this lift over a year ago. I have used this lift practically every weekend and haven't had any issues. Lifts all my vehicles with no problem(up to a full sized truck). I installed the lift with help from my dad. Was a simple afternoon project.

      I would recommend this lift, great value for the price.

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