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ALI Lift Inspection Guides

To locate a Certified Lift Inspector go here, Find A Certified Lift Inspector

The Multi-Point Lift Inspection Guides are available to download at the bottom of this page. These guides are taken from the OSHA recognized ALI inspection guide form. These Annual inspection guides provide you with the documentation needed for a qualified examining technician (from a qualified lift company) to inspect the checkpoints on your lift.

The guides do not replace the routine maintenance suggested in the manufacturer's operation and installation manual but is meant to be used as documentation of the lift's operational status at the time the inspection is made. It is suggested to keep a running log of the routine maintenance punctuated by the annual Inspection from these guides and you will be complying with our friends at OSHA as well as providing a safe lift environment for the shop.

You can find a copy of our current lift manuals in the "Documents" tab on the product page of the lift model you need on this website. You may also respond by email with specific questions or replacement parts needs for your lift. Our email and contact information is located in Contact on the navigation bar.

The complete ALI manual - "Standards for Automotive Lifts -Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection and Maintenance" comes with our lifts when purchased. If you need a new manual it can be purchased through the ALI website store. It is the light blue manual positioned first on the second row. Replacement safety decals can also be purchased there.

CAUTION: Never use a lift that is in need of repair and never use a lift that has been modified in any way. Only use parts known to be provided by the lift's manufacturer.

Download Multi-Point Lift Inspection Guides Here:

Direct Lift Multi Point Inspection Guide
Forward Lift Multi Point Inspection Guide
Rotary Lift Multi Point Inspection Guide

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