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Wheel Balancers

Who makes the Weaver Brand Wheel Balancers?

All of our Weaver Brand Wheel Balancers are manufactured by the Italian manufacturer, Nexion SpA.  Nexion comprises nine major Italian wheel service brands: Corghi®, HPA Faip®, Mondolfo Ferro®, Orlandini®, Sice®, Tecnomotor®, Teco®, Bright®, and Stenhoj®.  Based in Italy, Nexion has operations worldwide, including manufacturing centers in Italy, Europe, and Asia. Nexion is a worldwide leader in wheel service equipment since 1960 and is recognized internationally for their reliable and accurate products due to the oversight by their Italian Design Engineering Team. Nexion companies invented the first wheel clamp tire changer in 1962. All wheel clamp style tire changers in the world are a result of this Italian invention. 

All Weaver® Brand Equipment is manufactured in Nexion's ISO9001 certified factory with products that have earned the CE certification as labeled on every machine. Bright has consistently built and provided components to some of the largest brand name products throughout Europe, Asia and the USA including Bend Pak tire changers, Ranger tire changers, Corghi tire changers, Dunlop tire changers, Bosch tire changers and many more. We are simply providing some of their best products Direct to you at the lowest possible price.

When comparing the Weaver branded product to the Big name brands we see no difference in failure rate or durability. Why? Because our manufacturer also builds for many of the same Big brands. The Weaver Brand is commercial grade.

Why is the price lower than the Big brand names?

Being one of the largest equipment distributors in the USA, we are able to purchase with power from the best manufacturers. In so doing, we eliminate the middle marketing arm and sales reps that add to the cost of many other brands. We have been in business since 1984 selling and servicing only quality equipment from quality manufacturers. We remain successful because we source quality and reliable equipment that gets the job done at the best price. Our reputation and the quality of the equipment are one in the same. If the equipment does not perform or we cannot support it we risk damaging the business we have worked hard to build. That is not a risk we are willing to take and we believe you should not either. Simply stated, we can afford to buy the best products and apply the cost savings into the best deal for our customers. We truly want our products to perform their best after the sale.

Who handles the warranty?

Derek Weaver Company handles the parts warranty through an exclusive agreement with our manufacturer. It is very important to us that we have control of satisfying our customers without relying on outsourced service or parts. We maintain a full stock of parts for the Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers and are professionally staffed to determine your needs. Simply call Derek Weaver Company and we will handle all of your parts and technical questions. With today’s “Plug-n-Play” technology we can guide you through the parts replacement without the need for costly service calls and technicians. We have developed easy to follow technical videos for troubleshooting as well as machine setup and calibration. Videos are accessible from this website. 

How do I calibrate the Weaver wheel balancers?

All of our wheel balancers are self calibrating machines. This means that the operator can calibrate the machine by entering the calibration mode at the keyboard and performing a few spin cycles. When the steps are completed you will have placed a test weight onto the wheel at the proper step and the machine will restore the calibration electronically in the memory. That’s all there is to it. For complete calibration steps and procedures please refer to wheel balancer videos for your model number.

How do I know if my machine needs calibrated?

Your machine will not need to be calibrated on a regular basis unless you move the machines location, notice it is calling for additional weights after the initial weight amount was added, or something was dropped on the shaft. Simply recalibrate and perform the test balance shown at the end of the calibration video.

How difficult is it to change from car wheel balancing to motorcycle wheel balancing?

Changing from cars to motorcycles is as easy as changing the shaft out and selecting the Motorcycle button on the keyboard. The computer will convert to motorcycle mode and is ready for balancing motorcycle wheels. Also, select Static mode for balancing motorcycle wheels. 

Will the balancer do all wheels?

With the prevalence of aftermarket wheels you may find some wheels must be mounted in a specific manner. It is possible you will run into a wheel that you will not be able to mount or a wheel that requires special cones or adapters. In that case call us and we will research what is required to mount that wheel and provide availability and pricing for the necessary adapters.  We do stock the universal lug adapters for mounting wheels that require lug centric mounting and spacers for various truck wheels. The adapters that are included with the balancer will handle 95% of car and light truck wheels on the road. Also, refer to the mounting video in the wheel balancer videos section. 

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