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Mid & Low Rise Lifts

Derek Weaver Company offers a wide range of low rise lifts and mid rise lifts from 6,000 lb. - 10,000 lb. capacities.  Our Weaver Lift brand features top tier manufacturers with models to handle all your lifting needs at the best prices in the industry.  We also carry lifts from the worlds largest lift manufacturer, Dover Corp.  Dover builds the #1 enthusiast brand Direct-Lift, the #1 independent shop brand Forward Lift and the #1 dealership brand Rotary Lift. You just found the best value in certified and noncertified mid and low rise lifts backed by our outstanding customer support.   

  • Weaver Lift W-6PLR Portable Low-Rise Lift
    $1,399.00 Weaver® W-6PLR Portable Low-Rise Lift
      Warehouse pickup price Now ($1349.00).  The Weaver® Lift model W-6PLR Portable Low-Rise Lift is perfect for providing quick tire, body and wheels-free service for...

  • Direct-Lift Pro-6M Mid Rise Lift
    $1,842.00 Direct-Lift® Pro-6MR Mid Rise Lift
      The Direct-Lift® Pro-6MR is a Mid-Rise 52" lift that makes tire, brake and body work a breeze on cars and light trucks.  Local Sales Tax may apply when shipping from manufacturer...

  • Forward Lift 7000TL Low Rise Lift
    $2,295.00 Forward® 7000TL Low-Rise Lift
    Forward® Lift 7000TL is perfect for Tire Shops.  Foward design and durability.   Ask about Free Freight Promo!  Local Sales Tax may apply. The 7000TL is Forward® Lift's Low Rise Tire Lift...

  • Forward Lift 10,000TL Low Rise lift
    $3,195.00 Forward® 10,000TL Low-Rise Lift
    The 10,000TL Heavy Duty Pad Lift by Forward® Lift offers 10,000-lbs. capacity and is ALI/ETL Certified.   Ask about our Free Freight Promo! Local Sales Tax may apply.  More Capacity?  The...

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