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Weaver® Motorcycle Tire Changer Videos

Weaver® Tire Changer W-M807X with W-PL230 Assist Arm:

Weaver® W-PL230 Assist Arm Installation: 




Weaver® Motorcycle Tire Changer Video Transcripts

Weaver® Tire Changer W-M807X with W-PL230 Assist Arm Transcription

Welcome to In this video, we will demonstrate assembling a W-PL230 assist arm on a W-M807 motorcycle tire changer. The Weaver W-PL230 assist arm consists of three basic components: the assist arm itself, the swing arm replacement pin, and the push down foot.

First, we will remove the swing arm pin using a 24 millimeter wrench. Remove the nut on the bottom of the swing arm; once it's finger-tight, tap it with a hammer. Keep the nut in the washer, you'll need that. Remove the pin and we're going to install the longer swing arm pin. Reinstall the washer in the nut, tighten until it's snug, remove the 10 millimeter Allen head from the top of the new swingarm pin, and you'll lift and place the assist arm on top of the new swing arm pin. Reinstall the 10 millimeter Allen head.

And next we'll show you how to run the air lines. To install the air line from the W-PL230 to the W-M807, find the T-fitting that comes with the PL230; it's a reducer fitting: eight millimeter on two sides, six millimeter on the other. Remove the hose that comes out of the machine and goes into the oiler regulator assembly. We've cut a piece of hose off of this hose, about three inches long we will need. Take the T-fitting and place it on the hose that's coming out of the machine. Take your short piece of hose and slide it into the other eight millimeter hole on the fitting, and then the remaining hose that's coming out of the T-fitting, plug it back into the fitting that comes out of the oil regulator. That'll leave you with one port in the T-fitting. Take the six millimeter hose from the PL230 and you're going to run it down the back of the machine and into the T-fitting. It's a good idea to secure the six millimeter hose behind the tower so it's out of the way.

To complete the assembly of the PL230, we’ll install the press-down foot. It has two settings: one for wider wheels and one for narrow wheels. To install the press-down foot, you remove the pin like so and insert the press-down foot in the bottom of the shaft and then install the pin. Then you can check to make sure that the PL230 works. When you use the PL230, you'll orient it like this. This part of the foot will press against the sidewall of the tire when you press the sidewall down, when you're installing the top bead to the tire using the toggle switch.

That completes the assembly of the W-PL230 on the W-M807 tire changer.

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