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Weaver Lift W-Pro10 Certified

For immediate release January 1, 2015,


Fort Worth, Tx - Derek Weaver Company Inc. announces the new Weaver Lift model W-Pro10 Certified 2-Post Car Lift manufactured by the Fortune 300 Dover Corp.  The W-Pro10 is the newest addition to their 2-Post Lift offering and has fast become a popular choice for Dealerships, Repair Shops and Enthusiasts.    


When asked about the fast acceptance of this new model, Derek Weaver states, “The W-Pro10 Certified is quickly becoming our best selling 10,000-lb. 2-post lift.  The acceptance of this new lift model for us and our customers has been...well, a No Brainer.  The quality that is being manufactured by Dover shines in every aspect of the W-Pro10.  Noticeable quality is found in every detail, from the packaging, the manual, the installation, ease of operation, service and parts availability, the certification, the insurance,.....etc., it simply does not compare to any other lift in it's class.  At this price level there is really no comparison.  The fit and finish of the W-Pro10 is exceptional and not only passed our evaluations but sailed through the Certification process with ALI/ETL.  We are proud to add this model to the Weaver Lift brand and support it with our outstanding customer service.  The benchmark has been raised and the price just got lowered.”  


W-Pro10 Main.jpg

Weaver Lift W-Pro10 Certified


Popular features found on the W-Pro10 include adjustable heights and width, Direct-Drive push style hydraulic cylinders, Stackable lifting pads, padded overhead shut-off, single-point safety lock release, rubber door guards, Offset super-symmetric arms, heavy duty arm restraints and internal steel hose covers.  The 2-post lift is also painted in a rich red powder coat with yellow arms which will look great in any shop.


Weaver W-Pro 10 Arm Lock.jpgI10 Arm Adapter Extensions.jpg


W-Pro10 Heavy-Duty Arm Restraints and Stackable Lifting Pads with Height Adapters.


Derek Weaver Company Inc.has introduced the W-Pro10 is available from 2 warehouses strategically located in Texas, and North Carolina to serve both coasts and all points in between with lower shipping rates as well as local pickup.  


About Derek Weaver Company Inc.


Established in 1984 and headquartered in Fort Worth, TX., Derek Weaver Company Inc. specializes in providing products and services to car / motorcycle dealers and repair shops,   classic and collector car owners, astute collectors, and automotive / motorcycle enthusiasts, around the world. The company sells products from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry including Dover Corp.’s Direct-Lift, Weaver Lift, and Forward Lift brands as well as the K&L Supply and Weaver Equipment brands.  For more information on the W-Pro10 and other 2-post car lifts visit their website at or call 888-560-9510.

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