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Wheel Balancers

Weaver Wheel Balancers are known for their high quality and affordable pricing.  With standard features and accessories found on machines costing twice as much, Weaver makes the task of balancing a wheel easier than ever.  The latest technology is built-in to every machine to make wheel balancing a more profitable service for you.  Our outstanding customer service and support assure you the maximum return on your equipment investment.  But don’t take our word for it, just read our customer reviews.

  • Weaver W-937 Wheel Balancer
    $929.00 Weaver® W-937 Wheel Balancer
    The Weaver® W-937 is our Commercial Grade, mid-volume computer wheel balancer.  Trusted the world over, the W-937 is a true Commercial Grade Wheel Balancer that is built for the...

  • Weaver® W-957 Wheel Balancer
    $1,029.00 Weaver® W-957 Wheel Balancer
    Our #1 Selling Balancer!  Trusted the world over, the Weaver® W-957 is a true Commercial Grade Wheel Balancer that is built to stand up to the toughest demands yet is priced to...

  • W-977 Weaver Wheel Balancer
    $1,429.00 Weaver® W-977 Weaver Wheel Balancer
    The Weaver® W-977 is a Commercial Grade computer wheel balancer.  Trusted the world over, the W-977 is a true Commercial Grade Semi-Automatic Entry Wheel Balancer that is built...

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