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Weaver® Lift W-9D Videos

Power Unit Wiring:

Bleeding 2-Post Direct Drive Lift Cylinders:

Rebuilding a Push-Style Cylinder:



Power Unit Wiring (W-9D & W-10C) Transcription:

Welcome to In this video, we will demonstrate wiring the W-9D and W-10C.

Now we'll remove the switch plate. And, remove the factory installed pigtail.

In this installation, we're going to use terminal T2 and T3 for our motor leads. Make sure they're properly connected. And, we will use terminal L2 and L3 for our incoming power.

At this point, you should have a jumper wire from terminal L3 to A2 and you should have one wire from your push-button switch connected to terminal A1.

Now we'll install the ground.

Now install the overhead shutoff feed and the knockout that’s most appropriate for your installation.

Install the first leg of your 220 in L3 - there's already a jumper wire installed in that terminal.

Install the second leg of your 220 in terminal L2 and install the brown lead from your overhead shutoff in terminal L2.

Wiring up the blue wire from your up switch to the blue wire from your overhead shutoff switch.

Now, reassemble the switch box. Place the contactor on its slide. Install the switch cover.

Now we're going to demonstrate wiring the overhead shutoff switch. This switch is normally installed at the top of the lift. We're using a short lead for demonstration purposes. When we wire this switch, we will use the normally closed side of the switch, we will use terminal 11 and terminal 12. In this installation, we’ll put the blue lead from the overhead shut off into terminal 11 and the brown lead in terminal 12. Now, reinstall the switch cover. Once the lift is wired, you can turn the power on to the lift. Check the power unit by pressing the UP button. To check the correct wiring of the overhead shutoff switch, while the power unit is running, activate the switch as I’ll show the video.

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Bleeding 2-Post Direct Drive Lift Cylinders Transcription:

Welcome to Today we’re going to demonstrate bleeding the direct drive inverted cylinders that we commonly use for our lifts.

You'll find the bleed screw for an inverted direct drive cylinder at the top of the cylinder here. The W-Pro10 has a 16-millimeter hex bolt bleed screw. The W-9D and the W-10C bleed screw is located in the same position at the top of the cylinder. It's a 5-millimeter Allen head. We're going to demonstrate bleeding the cylinder on a W-Pro10. The process is similar on the W-9D and the W-10C.

Begin by raising the lift approximately 3 inches off the ground, which we've already done, and crack the bleed screw until all of the air is released from the cylinder. You may get a slight amount of oil on top of the cylinder. Untighten the bleed screw. Clean the top of the cylinder. Then repeat on the second cylinder.

It may be necessary to complete the bleeding process more than one time per cylinder.

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Rebuilding a Push-Style Cylinder Transcription:

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