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Anyone can claim to offer high quality products and excellent customer support, but the proof is in what customers have to say. Read Derek Weaver testimonials and reviews to see why our equipment is in the garages of hobbyists and pros alike. Whether you want evidence of great service and support or a Derek Weaver lift review, you'll find our customers are willing to share their stories of satisfaction.


Outstanding company to work with i have one of there tire machines and the motor finally quit after heavy use it was purchased in 2007. I was able to navigate there site and find new motor and they got it out right away to me. They make a Steller product and customer service is on point. And i love that parts aren't discontinued

Jeff Wojtylko

We bought a Weaver tire changer in October 2016 and are very happy with it. It arrived slightly damaged from the shipping and their warranty department responded immediately to get me the replacement parts quickly. In the last two weeks we have used the machine to demount more than 1000 tires from aluminum wheels. It has worked flawlessly! The way my boss looks at it, for one third the price of the 50-40e Coats this replaced, we will definitely be buying another Weaver when we make our next purchase. Thank you. of November 2019 (3 years later) the Weaver tire machine is still going strong. We have demounted at least 36,000 tires from aluminum wheels. In 2022 we replaced our very first weaver tire machine with a brand new Weaver unit. Plus, we purchased a spare Weaver machine that we use in another location. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of this equipment.

Jesse Schultz

Why did I wait so long to buy this lift? Love my new two post lift from Weaver as it is built like a tank. I stumbled across these lifts on some classic car message boards and really did a lot of research. Even spoke with the company several times and waited a month before I purchased to be sure. You can buy a cheaper lift, however, if I am under 4,000 lbs of steel I want a very, very solid and reliable lift. Also being certified mattered to me. Bottom line, I love my new lift and would recommend a hard look at Weaver lifts.

Moses Ludel (Road Ready!)

My experience with Derek Weaver Company has been very positive! I purchased a W-898XS tire changer with Assist Arm (W-PL240) a few years ago and recently the motorcycle adapter for this machine. I now have a full range of tire and wheel size coverage and am very glad to have this well-built, highly functional equipment at my shop! Any questions have been promptly answered by tech support, replacement parts are readily available and my overall experience with Derek Weaver Company's Weaver® Equipment makes me a loyal customer!

After Hours Motorsports

Man there is so much to say about the product these guys offer! We have now purchased two 12K lifts from them! The lifts have been better then what was expected for the money . We are getting ready to grab a third lift. They have held up great to everything we've put on them. 10/10 recommend this brand of automotive lifts!

Stephen Jones

Quality and price can't be beat. Outfitted shop with 3 motorcycle lifts, tire machine and balancer eight years ago and still work great.

Russell Faulkner

Derek Weaver Company makes a really good product. I purchased the combo package tire changer/ balancer. Both machines are easy to operate and learn. One suggestion would be to get the W-PL240 assist arm with your tire changer. This assist arm makes it so much easier changing tires out. One more note. The customer service is excellent and responsive to any questions you may have.

Gregory Rice

I purchased the Weaver W-RJ35 Sliding Jack for 4 Post Lifts. It has worked out great for several months, it took the 4 post to the next level. Much better than a 2 post.
I highly recommend Derek Weaver and team, customer service and support are second to none.
Thank you Derek Weaver!


Darrin Cornelius | d.b.a. Toolbox LLC Harley Repair Shop

I own a Harley Davidson repair shop and have been in business 13 years. We have used there products and purchased from them all our lifts, tire machines and balancers. Great customer service and good pricing!
The Toolbox LLC Harley Repair Shop


Howard Otty

I've had my Derek Weaver Tire Changer and Balancer, (bought as package, best deal), for about 10 years. Both have worked perfectly. I needed new rim protectors for the changer, reviewed on-line offers and found "don't Fit" reviews, ordered replacements from DW and they fit perfectly, and delivered promptly. GO OEM.
H.C.O .


Here are a few pics with a Camaro on it, it is working great. I think the pics are good for you to show that you really don't need a high ceiling to work in. I can't tell you enough how much I love it & know that I should have bought it years ago. I will send more pics if you like & when the car is done too.


Greg D. | Illinois 

Thanks for the cal info, I figured it out in the book and this machine is really slick. It spins the tire and I used a 16 in chevy truck tire 245/70 16. I calibrated it and I especially love how to switch from grams to ounces, just hit the C button. So far I'm highly impressed, I had a ranger dst 1000 and on 110 volts it was slow but not this weaver. Its so simple to use a monkey could do it. Thanks for this great machine. I was looking at the power cord where it attaches to the back and it looks like it has a built in fuse? I will put this on a surge protector right away. I would choose this over a ranger or most of those others anyday.I worked at a Firestone for 14 yrs and other shops before that and you can tell from the getgo if its good.

Thanks again

James M. | Mcalester, Ok. 

Got my pro-cycle xlt lift today. Really nice piece of equiptment in my shop.Looking forward to use it for a long time.

Your staff was really great and helpfull...


Jola J. | Mastercare Auto Service | Waverly, TN 

Hi! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed we have all been with your company! So many are quick to jump to an email with problems, yet few will praise. Before purchasing new lifts for our shop, I searched for several hours for the best price, of course. Not only did the Derek Weaver Company have the best price, by far I might add, your customer service has been second to none will all questions concerning installation, accessories, or any other needed information about these lifts! I will not hesitate what so ever in recommending your company for products or equipment that you carry! Keep up the TERRIFIC work! Also, congratulations on such a great website; the design, layout, and maneuverability is one of the best I have seen!

Mark G. 

Hi Donna, Received my order today for a black jack that I just ordered on sunday night. Thank you very much for such fast and great service. It was very easy to work your web-site and place my order. Just wanted you and your company to know what a great experience it was to find what I was looking for and to place the order. Thanks again.

Gio. Sacchetti | Underground M.C | Rochester, NY 

Where do i start with this review? I'll start by saying i was so skeptical about ordering a tire changer online. when i finally got around the skepticism and actually placed my order for the 807 motorcycle atv tire changer...i was hooked!!!!
you guys are great. from the phone communication, to email responses, to the shipping logistics, and to the quality of the product you deliver. my machine arrived in less than a week from the actual order date, (TX to NY) neatly crated and in perfect condition. i went through the partial assembly steps required to set up the machine and put my first job on it in less than an hour and a half from delivery! the quality of the 807 tire machine is unmatched. the heavy steel cunstruction and feel of solid durability lets me feel confident that this machine is going to be with me for a very looooong time. i felt confident right away after doing the first job that this machine was no joke. now, about a week later and several tire jobs later on the 807 , i wanted to report that i will be a customer for life with DEREK WEAVER! your sales, service and QUALITY are all things that other companies should take a lesson on. CAROL @'re the best !
again, i wouldn't even consider shopping with anyone else, after my experience with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for getting my touch up paint to me so quickly. We installed the lift on Thursday and it is exactly what I was looking for. The installers from Seneca said they have put in several lifts from other manufactures. They said none of them were as nice or well built as this one. Thanks again for all of your help. I have attached a couple of photos of my lift in action.

John E

I just opened the package my bike jack was in and I must tell you it seems like a quality piece of merchandise. I had shopped all around for something like this and the prices ranged from $79 to $296. I do not why the spread is so high but you folks definitely have the corner on the market. Thanks for selling a product that most people can afford.

Gary | Fremont Motorsports 600

Donna - lift is here - just to let you know it is the nicest in the shop - better than the Handys we have so we will be back.

Rob Cote | Rochester Hills, Michigan

I am sure you know the old adage.if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Well that was my first thought when I heard about an outfit called Direct-Lift who is selling 4-post lifts for $1995. After speaking with you, conducting research on the competition, and reading other letters posted on your website, I was willing to take the chance and ordered a lift. This weekend I assembled the lift and wanted to let you know that the quality of the product is excellent. One of your competitors was at a show this weekend that attended. For about $800-$900 more than you charge, he was offering an identical product (without casters or a jack plate). You certainly have my vote of confidence and I will tell my fellow automotive enthusiasts about the great value you provide. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great product. Regards,

Dr Thomas Shands | New Albany, Ms.

Recently, I researched and corresponded with a number of suppliers for automotive lifts. When considering quality , value , and customer support, Direct Lift seemed the obvious choice. Now, as the owner of a newly installed Pro V10 lift, I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality of this piece of equiptment , as was the professional who installed it for me. The people I dealt with from Direct Lift were most courteous and helpful ; really made me feel like I was buying it from someone I had known for a long time. Suffice it to say, I will be buying from them again.

Jason Kidd | Flyrite Choppers | Austin, Texas

"Direct Lift has been in our shop since day one. We need lifts that work most importantly, but, with the foot traffic we have, they need to look good. Direct Lift provides us that combination and that will keep us coming back."


Gary Wightman | Seattle, WA

I received my Pro-Park 71ift Friday the 11th and by the afternoon of the 12th I was enjoying it. Many thanks to Ron who I met in Henderson, Nevada and allowed me to witness the assembly and answer questions. Also thanks to De and other staff who gave me referrals and answered other questions. I could not be happier with my Pro-Park 7 lift. Feel free to use me for a reference. Thanks Again!

Scott Myers | Richmond Hts., OH

Took delivery of the lift last week, installed it in my garage last weekend and it is great. The designers should be commended for its' construction and ease of use. With the casters, I am able to turn the lift and the car on it so that it fits into my garage and still allows me to park two cars under it. Thanks for selling a great product and making the transaction so easy.

Curt Butler | Horton, MI

I had been checking out several brands of lifts, getting information on all of them. I was interested in the four-post Pro- Park 7. Your lift had the best price but I still wanted to see it for myself, up close, so I drove to Auburn, Ind. Where there was a display model near the Kruse auction. When I saw it for myself, I was sold. Being 6'0 tall I was concerned whether the lifting height would be high enough, it was. I used it right away to change the transmission oil on my 4x4. It was so much easier than crawling under it. I also used it for a large party in my pole barn. raised it to about 3' and put a ~" plywood across the ramps, put tablecloths on it and used it for a large buffet table. It worked great and many thought it was really cool!!


I received my Pro-Park 7. It is absolutely awesome! It is everything you said it was, and more. I am going to Lowe's Motor Speedway for the huge car show, and I will laugh at everybody at the buddy-lift booth. $3595.00! I wish I could have set mine up there. By the way, thanks for the freebie. I will call you in three weeks when the bikes come in. Thanks again. I will be your poster child for these lifts. You've got the product!

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