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SPOA10 RA/FA/TA Adapters:

Raised in Madison: Rotary 2-Post Lift:

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Rotary® SPOA10 Video Transcripts

SPOA10 RA/FA/TA Adapters Transcription

Hi, folks! Josh Scroggins, Parts Marketing Leader, here to talk to you about the different configurations of adapters that you can outfit on a Rotary swing arm style lift with.

Having the right adapters for your vehicle lift can not only make your job easier, but more importantly, it can make lifting safer. Since our adapters are third-party tested and ALI certified, your lift will maintain its ALI Gold Label certification when you use them.

The four adapter types we offer are round, truck, GM, and flip-up adapters.

Round adapters, or better known as RA adapters, are used primarily for standard unibody vehicles. The RA adapter pads feature a grid design which grip the body firmly holding it in place. These adapters can thread up or down to engage the vehicle’s lifting point.

Truck adapters, or better known as TA adapters, are specifically designed for vans and SUVs. These adapters cradle the frame of the vehicle on a pad between two brackets welded on each side of the adapter. The brackets prevent the vehicle from shifting off the pad keeping the truck in place. TA adapters can thread up or down to engage the vehicle lifting point.

For 2019 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra light duty trucks, you’ll need our specially designed GM Adapters. While they look like standard TA adapters, they offer a wider support for these larger framed vehicles. Without GM adapters, the frame is too large for the standard TA to hold.

And finally, the flip up or FA adapter has been our most versatile adapter since 1973. You can use them flat for unibody vehicles, or with the low and high steps for engaging frame vehicles. Flip ups have many certified extensions, including GM adapter extensions, to make flip ups truly the only adapters you’ll ever need.

Remember, make sure you have the right adapter for lifting the correct type of vehicle. Make sure your lift stays ALI-certified by only using Rotary Genuine Parts. Lift only with the best, and that's Rotary Lift.

Raised in Madison: Rotary 2-Post Lift Transcription

In the small town of Madison, Indiana. People are raised with pride: pride in their history, pride in their country, pride in their community, and pride in their work.

"There's a lot of good people here at Rotary, real good, very talented. A lot of people really care about what they do."

"We've probably got the most close-knit group of people that work here. The majority of us have grown up here."

"They're just like family. I see these people more than I do my family."

At Rotary Lifts, we value our hard-working employees. We know that they are the backbone of every lift that rolls off the line and that their high quality craftsmanship is what sets us apart. That's why many of the first lifts built here are still working today.

"Our quality’s always been our number one priority. That's what our reputation is built on."

"We, here, know that it's the best in the market because we built it. It's not just another part; when it goes out the door, we know we’ve built it the best we can build it."

"These lifts, if people's under them, and for one of these to break, I would hate that to happen to anybody, and I think of that each and every day that I build it."

"We make better equipment because of the commitment of the employees and the advancement in our equipment that we use and our warranty, you know we back what we produce."

"We build it and if we don't like it, we throw it away, or, you know, we'll try again or we'll keep building till it's right or it’s what the customer wants."

"I'll tell you the biggest thing of pride is when you see a big load of them going down the road, going somewhere, and you think, 'I built that.'"

These people aren't just employees punching the clock day in and day out. They are the reason why, when people across the country and around the world want the best, they buy a Rotary.

Vehicle Service Group Video Transcript

Vehicle Service Group has been manufacturing excellence for over 85 years. We are a proud member of the Dover corporation, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Manufacturer of Specialized Industrial Products and Equipment. Read the full transcript.

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