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K & L Supply Parts & Accessories

Derek Weaver Company maintains a parts and accessory inventory for K & L Supply motorcycle lifts to satisfy your parts needs and keep your shop equipment maintained and in good working order.  You can click parts manuals to go to a list of manuals that includes a parts breakdown and part numbers for parts you do not see listed on our website.

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  • K&L Retractable Wheel Set
    $75.00 35-0321 Retractable Wheel Set
        The 35-0321 Retractable Wheel Set bolts to MC655 and MC625 Motorcycle Lifts to aid in portability.  Use in conjuction with the Nosewheel Dolly for best results. 35-0321 Bolt on Wheels (Set...

  • K&L Nosewheel
    $82.00 35-6770 Nose Wheel
      The 35-6770 Nose Wheel, when used in conjunction with the Retractable Wheels improves the portability of the MC655 or MC625...

  • K&L MC475 Dirt Bike Stand
    $116.00 35-6364 MC475 Dirt Bike Stand
      The MC475 Dirt Bike Lift from K&L gets it up quick and has a deck cutout for easy access under the frame.   Our MC475 Dirt Bike Stand motorcycle lift lets you do one-armed...

  • K&L Lift Extension Kit
    $149.00 35-0318 Lift Extension Kit
      Need additional length.  Add the 35-0318 Lift Extension Kit to your MC655, MC625 or MC615. Lift Extension Kit. This sliding extension kit adds another 30” of usable deck length to your lift. ...

  • K&L Front/Rear Extension with Chopper
    $199.00 35-6557 Front/Rear Extension
      K&L's 35-6557 Front or Rear Extension adds that extra length where you need it. If you work on long bikes, this is what you have been looking for. These extensions can be used at the front or rear of your...

  • K&L MC10R Deluxe Wheel Clamp
    $245.00 35-4040 K & L MC10R Deluxe Wheel Clamp
      The MC10R allows one person bike loading so you can secure your bike with straps. Self locking clamp allows one person to load a motorcycle on MC625R/ MC655 lifts. Comes with standard with...

  • K&L MC450 Center Jack
    $265.00 37-9841 K&L MC450 Center Jack Motorcycle Jack
      The MC450 Center Jack is the perfect Flat Jack for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.  Adapters sold separately This easy to use scissor jack is the answer for raising bikes and ATV's. Lift front...

  • K&L MC15 Cycle Dock
    $275.00 36-0310 MC15R Cycle Dock - Motorcycle Clamp Vise
      Make loading your Bike a one person job with the self locking MC15R Cycle Dock.  Leaves your hands free to secure your straps. The MC15R Cycle Dock self locking clamp allows one person to load and unload a...

  • K&L MC460 Shop Dolly
    $275.00 35-9872 MC460 Shop Dolly
      The MC460 Shop Dolly allows bikes to be easily moved around shop. Works with Center or Fat Jacks and custom uplift type jacks. Features include: adjustable width from 13" to 20" at base, 12" to 15" adjustable...

  • K&L 37-9994 30" Wheel Adapter Set for W-M807X Motorcycle Tire Changer
    $275.00 K&L 37-9994 30" Wheel Adapter Set for W-M807X Motorcycle Tire Changer
    The K&L 37-9994 30" Wheel Adapter Set for the Weaver® W-M807X and Weaver® W-M806 Tire Changers allows clamping of motorcycle wheels up to 30" in diameter.  Attaches to existing clamp base...

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