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Tire Changers

Who makes the Weaver Brand Tire Changers?
All of our Weaver Brand Tire Changers are made by Bright Technology.  Bright has made our tire changers under the Weaver label since 2007 because of their unprecedented quality and support.  Bright Technology has been in business since 1988 and has or is still manufacturing machines and/or components for many of the Big Brands including Bend Pak tire changers, Ranger tire changers, Corghi tire changers, Dunlop tire changers, Bosch tire changers and many more.  When comparing the Weaver branded product to the Big name brands we see no difference in failure rate or durability. Why? Because our manufacturer also builds for many of the same Big brands.  The Weaver Brand is commercial grade.


Why is the price lower than the Big brand names?
Being one of the largest equipment distributors in the USA, we are able to purchase with power from the best manufacturers.  In so doing, we eliminate the middle marketing arm and sales reps that add to the cost of many other brands.  We have been in business since 1984 selling and servicing only quality equipment from quality manufacturers.  We remain successful because we source quality and reliable equipment that gets the job done at the best price.  Our reputation and the quality of the equipment are one in the same.  If the equipment does not perform or we cannot support it we risk damaging the business we have worked hard to build.  That is not a risk we are willing to take and we believe you should not either.  Simply stated, we can afford to buy the best products and apply the cost savings into the best deal for our customers.  We truly want our products to perform their best after the sale.


What is the warranty on the Weaver Tire Changers?
Weaver Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers carry a one year parts warranty.  All air components are warranted for six months.  When compared, our warranty is longer than most Big brands and has more coverage with less limitations.


Who handles the warranty?
Derek Weaver Company handles the parts warranty through an exclusive agreement with our manufacturer.  It is very important to us that we have control of satisfying our customers without relying on outsourced service or parts.  We maintain a full stock of parts for the Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers and are professionally staffed to determine your needs.  Simply call Derek Weaver Company and we will handle all of your parts and technical questions.  With today’s “Plug-n-Play” technology we can guide you through the parts replacement without the need for costly service calls and technicians.


Do I need the Assist Arm with my tire changer?
The Assist arm is helpful when you are dismounting low profile / stiff sidewall tires.  With the use of the assist arm dismounting the toughest tires becomes a 1 person job rather than a 3 person job.  The assist arm will save time and money while helping to prevent damage.


How do I know how to operate my tire changer?
Every Weaver tire changer comes with an owners/operation manual that provides the operator instructions.  You can also find the manuals on each product page on this website.


How do I know what size wheels the tire changers will handle?
Wheel size and clamping ranges are 2 different things.  It is important to note that wheels vary by the width of the flange, lip of the wheel, type of material the wheel is made of etc.  So when using a wheel clamping tire changer you may need more range to do particular wheels.  The clamping range is an accurate measurement but does not always coincide with the actual wheel size for the reasons mentioned above.  If the largest wheel you think you will ever need to change is a 22” wheel then you may be safe with a 24” clamping range machine depending on the flange thickness of the rim (W-894XS).  If you think you may need to change 24” wheels you may want to consider a 28” clamping range machine (W-898XS) to allow proper clearance on different syle wheels.  Not all wheels are the same and they keep changing.   

Also pay attention to the change in clamping range for the smaller wheels as well.  Typically the lower range increases when the higher range increases.  You can also purchase the W-MC/ATV adapter set to allow more range to the same machine both for the higher and lower ranges.

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