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Derek Weaver Company only sells our products in the USA

Does Free Shipping apply to my order?

All products on our website are offered with 1 of 2 types of "Free Shipping." This means the freight charges are included in the price. Products weighing less than 800-lbs. are typically offered with “Absolute Free Shipping” which means there are typically no extra fees. In this case you will notice the phrase “FREE SHIPPING! Includes Free Residential and Free Lift Gate Service!”, in the description of the products page. Absolute Free Shipping also means there are no additional fees for Liftgate Service or Residential Delivery. The only additional fee that you may incur would be if the address were changed during shipment which would incur a reconsignment fee by the freight carrier that we would only pass on if it were not our mistake. An additional fee may also be incurred if the location is deemed remote access, difficult terrain or truck cannot get to location by the trucking company. If the product is not in stock at the warehouse closest to you, we will ask if you would like to get a quote to ship from the other warehouse. 

For some equipment over 300-lbs (most 2 & 4-Post lifts, Rotisserie and Motorcycle Lifts) there are some limitations for free shipping depending on weight, length and delivery location. In this case, you will notice the phrase, “Free Shipping To Over 70% of the USA - See Where It's Free” in the description of the products page. Most of the USA will require no additional fee. This applies to over 70% of the continental USA (lower 48 states). Free shipping does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii. Some parts of the country are affected by higher freight rates due to the combination of weight, length and delivery location which will require an additional charge to cover the higher rate charged by the freight carriers. Our shopping cart will not calculate the difference (added fee), so we will contact you if this is the case. Rather than advertise the higher rates across the board we choose to show the lowest possible cost to the majority and most of the country. The following areas may have additional freight: North Western US, North Eastern US, Long Island, Western Colorado, the Dakotas, some parts of Florida & California and any area deemed a remote location by the freight company. Prior to ordering give us a call at 817-560-9510 or email and we can provide accurate information regarding Free Shipping or any additional charges. 

Smaller parts and accessories marked as Free Shipping will ship by Fedex Ground or USPS throughout the lower 48 states with no additional charges unless special service is requested. 

Will you deliver Residential to my house?

Yes with no additional fee.  Choosing Residential may extend the estimated delivery time due limited liftgate trucks (liftgates may not be available in all areas) at the delivering terminal, additional communication and handling by the freight company. Please keep this in mind when choosing residential delivery.  Call our office to check on liftgate availability.  A 48'-54' foot tractor trailer must be able to get to your street.  Smaller Box trucks are sometimes available for this type of delivery and would have to be determined to be available in your area in advance of shipping. Delivery trucks will not drive onto a driveway for liability reasons.  The delivery is done from the street.   

Unloading the Freight Truck

Make sure you can unload the freight. A forklift or lifting equipment is required for items over 800-lbs. The trucking company is only responsible for delivery to your loading dock if delivered to a business address or curbside if a residential lift gate delivery. Lift gate service is available for some equipment and can assist in unloading 2 and 4-post lifts however you will still need a forklift. Liftgate capacity is typically 1000-lbs and CANNOT unload a 2 or 4-post lift on its own.

How long does it take to get here?

Items that are in stock usually ship within 24 hours of order once payment is completed. Shipping time is estimated by the freight carrier and may vary. Tracking info will be provided on your invoice copy once the item ships.  Most common transit times are between 3 and 10 business days. 

Will the freight company unload my equipment for me?

The freight company is only required to get the freight to the back of their trailer so you can unload it.  Be prepared for a tractor trailer (48’-54’) to arrive with your lift or wheel service equipment.  If a liftgate was arranged for delivery then the driver will let your load down by means of the liftgate (if under 1000-lbs and will fit) but it is your responsibility to take it from there.  No inside delivery is included in the cost of the freight.

What is expected if I have the freight shipped to the closest freight terminal for pickup?

After the product has arrived at the freight terminal a dispatcher will call the number you provided to arrange your pickup.  You will find out their business hours for pickup and any special loading instructions you may need.  Typically you will have a 48 hour window to pickup the freight.  Once you have arrived at the terminal the freight company will load your truck or trailer for you.  Be sure to bring adequate tie down straps to secure the load for the trip back.  You will be asked to present proper ID before loading.

When my equipment is shipped, what is the declared freight method?

All shipments that leave Derek Weaver Co., Inc. are shipped by FOB origin.  This means that we will pay the carrier and ship the products prepaid.  Once the product leaves our facility it is the customers property and most freight claims will be the responsibility of the customer.

What do I do if the freight arrives with some scratches or damage?

When we ship your product it will be securely packaged and wrapped for protection.  We have been shipping these types of products since 1984 and have seen just about everything that can happen during shipping so we make sure it is packaged right to start with.  Our packaging includes being labelled with several decals to warn of what to look for before signing the freight delivery bill.  It is IMPORTANT that you note any damage on the freight bill before signing.  Understand the freight is consigned to you and you are responsible for the proper acceptance of the delivery.  We recommend 2 options should you experience freight damage.

  1. Noting Damage using Electronic Hand Held Device If you receive a product that has damage and you must note it with the driver or sign an electronic handheld device, do not sign until the steps below have been taken.  Request that the driver contact the terminal and request a C-43 damage claim number.  Get the C-43 claim number and make note of it for claim purposes.  Or request that the driver contact OS&D and let you speak to them and request a claim number.  Make note of the claim number for claim purposes.
  2. Accepting an item with freight scratches. Choose this option if you have minor dings and scratches or a part that needs replaced to make the unit satisfactory. Make note of the damage before you sign the freight bill. If signing an electronic handheld device and damage is noted, request a C43 Damage Claim Number prior to signing and make note of the Claim Number for claim purposes. You will be responsible for filing the freight damage claim with the carrier.  Take pictures for documenting the damage.  Derek Weaver Co, Inc. will provide any replacement parts or touch up paint needed should you choose this option and the carrier should provide for reimbursement.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call our customer service department @ 1-817-560-9510.  Most claims are handled in this manner to the customers satisfaction.
  3. Refuse the damaged item. Choose this option if the carrier has severely damaged the freight beyond your judgment of a simple repair.  Derek Weaver Co, Inc. will file all freight claims. Get a copy of the freight bill from the truck driver and fax it with a brief explanation of the situation to us along with any pictures of the damage. A replacement will be shipped as soon as we receive your fax. Freight damage is rare but it is best to be prepared.

Can I pick up my freight at your local warehouse?

Yes you may. Allow 24 hours notice to arrange the pickup.

If you would like to pick-up the item at one or our warehouses, please call ahead to make sure the item is in stock and schedule your pick-up. Picking up at our warehouse will save you in freight fees but will require sales tax to be collected. If you do not see a pickup price on our website for the product you are interested in you may call our office for more information.

In Texas, we load Monday – Friday by appointment only.

In Indiana, we load Monday – Friday by appointment only.

All Two Post and Four Post Lifts require trailer for pickup. Be prepared for pick-up by understanding the item’s weight and dimensions and using the proper truck and/or trailer for hauling. We cannot load open or enclosed trailers with ramp gates. Our warehouse will load the item onto your vehicle and/or trailer but is not responsible for properly securing the load on your vehicle and you will need to make sure you have the proper straps and equipment for hauling. All items for local pick-up are charged state sales tax at the appropriate local rate. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call our customer service department 1-817-560-9510.

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