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Motorcycle Lift FAQs

How to Load a Motorcycle on a Lift

Some motorcycle lifts are designed to be mobile, allowing you to move them as needed. Since they’re able to be moved, it’s important to make sure you’re on stable ground and that your lift is properly locked in place before you start loading a motorcycle on it. Check what kind of locking mechanism your motorcycle lift has before loading anything on it. Once your lift is prepared, you can roll your motorcycle onto the lift, put the front wheel into the chock and put the bike on a side stand or center stand before tying it down to secure it on the lift.

Once your motorcycle is loaded on the lift, use the power source to raise it to the right height for a comfortable working position. Some lifts offer both hand and foot pumps to easily lift a motorcycle. The most important consideration when loading a motorcycle on a lift is to make sure that it can handle the weight capacity. Overloading a motorcycle lift can result in accidents and injuries and it’s recommended to always check product specs before wheeling your vehicle onto a lift table.

Do I Need an Air Compressor for Motorcycle Lift?

You will need a compressor that will produce the required 100 PSI and a sufficient reserve tank sized for all the equipment you may be operating. Generally one motorcycle lift will operate for several up and down cycles with only a 20 gallon tank depending on the weight of the Bike.

What is the thickness of the steel on the Motorcycle lifts?

The thickness is 10 gauge or 1/8 inch. Remember, when buying a Dover product (Direct-Lift) you are assured the proper materials have been used for the USA standards and rated capacities.

Where do I get replacement parts for my lifts?

We carry the most common parts and wear items right here at Derek Weaver Company. If we do not have the item requested in stock we are backed up by Dover’s main inventory system in Madison, Indiana. Their computerized REMSTAR parts system rivals that of many car companies with 7 towers at a cost of over 7 million dollars. That’s impressive and it ships parts at a 99.59% accuracy rate. No other lift company in the world demonstrates this commitment.

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