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Tire Changers Upgrade

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Fort   Worth, Tx - Derek Weaver Company Inc. announces several new features found on the Weaver Tire Changer models W-894XS and W-898XS. These two commercial grade tire changers are kicking it up a few notches with the addition of 5 new features.


Weaver Tire Changer

Weaver Tire Changer model W-898XS


Beginning May 2013, the new XS Models will include the following upgrades:


  • Stainless Steel Bead Breaker Cylinder for Longer Service Life
  • Faster Bead Breaker with Quick Deflation Valves Improves Cylinder Speed from 6 seconds to 3 seconds
  • New Bead Breaker Force is Increased by 1.5 times
  • Larger Hex Bar Support to Resist Flex on Tough Low Profile Tires - Was 36mm now 41mm doubling the strength.
  • X shape turntable provides cutouts for better visibility under the wheel when clamping the outside of the rim.           

Stainless Steel Bead Breaker Cylinder

Stainless Steel Bead Breaker Cylinder equipped with Quick Deflation Valves.

The new features are noted as product upgrades to the popular W-894 and W898 series tire changers. Derek Weaver states, “The bead breakers on these changers have always been good, reliable performers. Now we have a more powerful stainless cylinder that will give even longer life and cycle twice as fast as most machines on the market. The mounting duckhead is also improved with a larger, stronger Hex Bar to prevent flexing on todays tough low profile tires. Another great addition is the new X shape turntable to provide a better view under the wheel when clamping from the outside of the rim. We are proud to add these new feature upgrades to the Weaver Tire Changer brand and support it with our outstanding customer service.”

tire changer X turntable

New X-Turntable with Cutouts for Better View Under Wheel.


About Derek Weaver Company Inc.   

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Fort   Worth, TX., Derek Weaver Company Inc. specializes in providing lifts and shop equipment to automotive / motorcycle enthusiasts, car / motorcycle dealers, classic and collector car owners, astute collectors, and repair shops around the world. The company sells products from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry including the Direct-Lift, Weaver Lift, Forward Lift, K&L Supply and Weaver Equipment brands. For more information on theW-894XS and W-898XS tire changers, visit their website at or call 888-560-9510.


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