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2 Post vs. 4 Post Lifts: A Comparison

When setting up your home or professional garage with the right equipment, nothing compares to having a car lift.  When looking at car lifts, you'll notice that they come in either a 2-post or 4-post configuration. So, how can you choose which one will work best for your needs? Let's break them down and see the pros and cons of each model. 

What is a 2-Post Car Lift?


A 2-post car lift is a piece of equipment that lifts a car or truck by the body/frame into the air. As the name suggests, this particular model uses two posts to lift the vehicle and is the best option for wheels-free service. It's critical to position the car correctly with the center of gravity.  There is a guide available that shows the correct way to lift most vehicles, it can be found at

What is a 4-Post Car Lift?


A 4-post car lift is a piece of equipment that uses a drive on runway connected to four posts to lift a vehicle by the wheels. 4-post lifts can also provide wheels-free service when equipped with sliding bridge jacks. They are most popular for long term vehicle storage and performing wheel alignment. You can also load and lift a vehicle much faster on a 4-Post, making it popular for oil changes and time-critical maintenance.

2 Post vs. 4 Post Lift: Comparing Features and Benefits

Both 2-post lifts and 4-post lifts have unique advantages and disadvantages, so it's hard to say whether one is technically "better" than the other. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for car lifts for your garage. 

Weight Capacity

Both 2-post and 4-post lifts are available in a variety of weight capacities.  Once you determine the smallest/lightest and largest/heaviest vehicle you intend to lift, you can choose the right capacity and lift configuration that will meet your service needs.

Ease of Use

One of the main challenges of a 2-post car lift is positioning the vehicle correctly. Because each vehicle differs in design and center of gravity, you have to position the lift arms accordingly. There is a guide available that shows the correct way to lift most vehicles, it can be found at

By comparison, a 4-post lift is quicker to load and lift, but would also require setting the lift arms if you are using a sliding bridge jack.  Both 2-post and 4-post lifts can offer wheels-free service but a 2-post will allow much more access to the undercarriage. 4-post lifts are the best option for long-term vehicle storage and performing wheel alignment.

Long-Term Parking

One of the main reasons to invest in a four-post lift is to store multiple vehicles and free up floor space in your garage. While you can leave a vehicle raised on a 2-post lift for a short period of time, it's not recommended to keep it there for longer periods due to the harm it can cause to suspension components. With a 4-post lift, though, you can leave the car setting in the locked position for as long as you like. 


If you're on a budget, a 2-post car lift may be the better choice because they generally cost less. However, the final price shouldn't be the only factor you consider, the type of service, manufacturer, and features should be the deciding factor.

Undercarriage Access

Because a 4-post lift uses a runway to raise by the wheels, it doesn't have as much open space underneath the vehicle. If you're working on a car or truck, you can almost get full access to the undercarriage from a 2-post lift.

However, a 4-post lift can be equipped with a bridge jack to offer wheels-free service.  Even when equipping a 4-post lift with a bridge jack, a 2-post would offer more access and provide more space to work underneath the vehicle.

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