Car Rotisserie

Restoration with an Car Rotisserie

Car restoration is a painstaking process, for sure, but there's no other hobby that's quite as rewarding. Because when you are finished, you can get behind the wheel and drive your handiwork around for everyone to see. You become one with the very parts that you yourself brought back to life, and the satisfaction that you feel is absolutely amazing.  Whoever claimed “you can’t get no satisfaction” had never restored a car. 

The passion for the car we once owned or the one a friend or family member had is what drives our desire to restore and keep those fond memories alive.  There is a special feeling we get when we are in the presence of a cool ride that is in pristine condition.  When we see an older model car that looks so good that it appears as new, it can only mean one has been totally restored by means of a rotisserie.      


Weaver Car Rotisserie


Weaver Car Rotisserie shown with Hydraulic Package, 5” Poly Casters and Rotator Handle

A rotisserie restoration is when we totally disassemble the car and the body is taken off the frame.  The body and/or frame is then placed on a car rotisserie.  After assembling the Weaver Car Rotisserie, and once balanced and raised to the proper height, it can be turned or rotated to show every space on the car.  Any type of service that the body/frame needs can be accomplished while mounted on the auto rotisserie.  It can be sandblasted to the bare metal, have any type of body work completed, primed, painted and reassembled the same way the factory did it with every angle accessible at a comfortable working height.   

Camaro Car Rotisserie

 Camaro Body Mounted on a Car Rotisserie   

The rotisserie is truly the key to obtaining an “as new” condition for any restoration project.  It is important to note that there is a variety of adapters to have when using this piece of equipment.  Certain adapters such as “Valance Brackets” (allow easy hookup to valance support), “Universal Door Bars” (used to support/brace the door jams when door is removed), “Universal Body Brackets” (customizing plates for matching body mount holes), and “Leaf Spring Brackets” (for easier spring mount hookup) can make the task of mounting the body/frame a much easier job.  As with any job, the right equipment and tools can make all the difference and save valuable time.  


Door BarsLeaf Spring Brackets

Universal Door Bars and Universal Leaf Spring Brackets Uni Body BracketsRot Bracket Valance

Universal Body Brackets and Valance Brackets

When selecting an auto rotisserie for your next project it is important to note -  Some equipment distributors charge extra for each adapter while others may choose to include the most popular adapters as standard equipment.  Some suppliers also charge extra if you want the equipment painted as well as the hydraulic lifting package.