Vehicle Service Group Video

Vehicle Service Group Video

Vehicle Service Group Video Transcript:

Vehicle Service Group has been manufacturing excellence for over 85 years. We are a proud member of the Dover corporation, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Manufacturer of Specialized Industrial Products and Equipment.

We take great pride in our long-standing history of producing quality vehicle service equipment with reliable performance, making us the leader in market confidence and customer satisfaction. Vehicle Service Group: earning your trust every day.

We are the leading manufacturer in our industry with more than 50,000 vehicle lifts, collision repair racks, and measurement systems sold worldwide every year.

Our 3 regional ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities are strategically placed worldwide to handle the ever-increasing local and global customer demands.

ISO 9001 certification is the highest international benchmark of quality. It takes a tremendous commitment of resources and effort to meet those requirements, which is why our quality management system has earned the reputation of being among the best in the world.

We have ensured our market position by fulfilling the specific needs of our customers on a regular basis. Whether you are an automotive dealer, government purchasing agent, contractor, independent business owner, or car enthusiast, our family of 8 leading product brands has you covered providing you with the right choices to suit your needs.

Our global facilities positioned around the world, including emerging markets like Brazil and India, have allowed us to meet the demands of an ever-growing industry. An important part of our strategy is maintaining total control of the design, production, and quality of every product and component made.

We have standardized our unique product design platforms across each of our global regions so you can be confident that you’re getting the right product built right every time.

We maintain close relationships with our global network of key material suppliers. This helps us leverage our buying power, while ensuring vendor stability, component quality, and promoting an atmosphere of teamwork worldwide.

Vehicle Service Group has the largest engineering staff in our industry. Our team of more than 50 electrical, mechanical, and controls engineers have over 500 years of combined experience and employ state-of-the-art product modeling and design techniques.

Product testing is critical across all Vehicle Service Brands. We conduct extensive testing performed regularly in our own research and development facilities. Our rigorous internal structure testing process includes proof load, rapid cycle, life cycle, operational, and more, far exceeding global industry standards. In order to continue to achieve these high standards on an ongoing basis, we use 3rd party product review and validation to meet and exceed ANSI, CE, TUV, CSA, ALI, ETO, and other global certification standards. Vehicle Service Group is the business partner you can trust with more than 85 years in the vehicle service business and over 500 factory-authorized service centers worldwide. We take great pride in how we handle our customers’ needs even after the sale is complete. Take warranty claims, for example. In the unlikely event we receive a warranty request, once of our customer service consultants will verify the serial number, identify the needed part, and dispatch one of our factory-authorized service personnel.

Our 30-year dominance in the market with over 50,000 vehicle lifts, collision repair racks, and measuring systems installed worldwide is matched only by the highest customer satisfaction level in our industry. In addition to having the best customer service, products by design, and strongest technical know-how, we also provide product and installation training at our manufacturing and vehicle data collection and measuring centers around the world.

The high level of confidence in the quality of our best products by design, reliability, and customer service, are why people around the world choose Vehicle Service Group’s family of leading product brands. So, when you decide to purchase your equipment, our experienced team of more than 75 customer service and technical support personnel are ready.

Your personal customer service consultant has received extensive product training in order to help troubleshoot, answer your questions, and handle your order quickly and accurately, so even after the sale, they will still be here to help you any way they can.

Vehicle Service Group: earning your trust every day. 

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