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Direct-Lift® Pro-Park 8 Standard Certified 4 Post Car Lift

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  • Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Standard with Suburban on Top
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  • Poly Caster Kit Free with Lift Purchase
  • Drip Trays Free with Lift Purchase
  • Jack Tray Free with Lift Purchase
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    Warehouse pick up price Now ($2279.00).  The Direct-Lift® Pro-Park 8 Standard (Model PP8SPY11) Four Post Automotive Lift is America’s #1 Enthusiast Car Lift.  The Direct-Lift® brand has sold over 100,000 lifts to the enthusiast market and is part of the worlds largest lift manufacturer (Dover Corp.).  Direct-Lift® is the official lift of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions.  

    Free Shipping To Over 85% of the USA - See Where It's Free 

    For warehouse pick up at our Texas or North Carolina Warehouse call for pick up price ($2279.00), make payment and schedule a pick up appointment

    Our Direct-Lift®Pro Park 8 Standard 4 Post Lift is the only ALI/ETL Certified (OSHA Recognized) lift in its class.  Being "tested and certified" to the OSHA recognized USA automotive lift standard removes any confusion when compared to other lifts and provides the ultimate stamp of approval for many buyers seeking a Pro-Park style lift. So much so, that the Pro-Park Series of lifts have earned the #1 sales position in its class since 2002.  Are there less expensive lifts on the market?  Oh you bet, Buyer Beware! .....

    Compare these 3 important considerations before you purchase your next car lift:

    1. Has the lift been "tested and certified" by ETL to the rigid USA lift standards?  All of the Pro-Park Series lifts have been tested and validated as "Certified" by the nationally recognized ETL testing lab to meet or exceed the current USA ALI/ETL standards.
    2. Is the manufacturer known and where is it made?  Most lifts sold to compete with the Direct-Lift® Pro-Park Series are imports that are being brought in from unknown manufacturers at slightly lower prices.  These companies do not conform to the USA lifting standards and therefore guess at rated capacities. It is unknown whether these companies are even insured in the USA (it should be vital that you ask these questions).  All Direct-Lift® models are owned and manufactured by the Fortune 300 Dover Corp.'s Vehicle Service Group (NYSE:DOV) based here in the USA. VSG/Dover has ISO-certified manufacturing plants worldwide to compete in the global market.  VSG/Dover is the largest lift manufacturer in the world and also owns the Rotary® Lift, Forward® Lift, and Revolution Lift brands.  You simply cannot buy from a more stable and reliable company based here and insured here in the USA.
      *VSG/Dover has "Hundreds of Thousands" of lifts and service racks installed in vehicle repair shops worldwide.  Currently selling over 50,000 units per year.  More than any other manufacturer.
    3. What is the warranty and availability of parts?  All of our Direct-Lift® models carry a 5 year parts warranty and a 1 year warranty on the power unit and hydraulic cylinder.  Parts are inventoried here at our warehouse with a large, multi-million dollar backup at the Direct-Lift® headquarters in Madison, Indiana. Our headquarters owns and utilizes an automated 7 Tower REMSTAR inventory management and parts distribution system with a 99.5% accuracy.  This large investment is unmatched in the lift industry and rivals many systems used by the car companies.  Shipments are made daily in a very timely fashion. Most parts orders are shipped within 24 hours of order.  Rest assured, no other lift company comes close to this level of commitment to customer service.


    The Pro-Park 8 Standard 4 Post Lift includes the same commercial style "Double Lock Ladder Leveling System" and secondary backup safety locks as used on our commercial grade Pro-Park 8 Plus, Pro-Park 9 and Pro-14 Lift models. This NEW STYLE Pro-Park 8 Standard auto lift also has a lifting height of 72" and clears 68" under the runway. The Direct-Lift® Pro-Park 8 Standard has the ability to level your runways while in the locked position. Only the Revolution Lift by Rotary® Lift Consolidated offers this same leveling and locking capability and has the same style backup secondary safety lock system.

    All other lifts on the market, including Backyard Buddy, Complete Hydraulics, Danmar, Atlas, AutoLift and others do not provide for leveling the lift while resting in the locked position NOR are they Certified to the rigid OSHA recognized ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 automotive lift standards. To validate this claim, ALI requires the lift to be 3rd party tested by the nationally recognized ETL testing lab and engineers. All of our Pro-Park Models have passed this validation process and earned the right to wear the certification label pictured above.

    "The Double Lock Ladder Safety System" on the Pro-Park 8 Standard four post lift allows you to level the lift to an unlevel floor while being in the locked position. Our competitors are not capable of being level on an unlevel floor while in the locked position which is how you use any car lift correctly. They can only be locked in lock positions that are not adjustable which leaves your vehicle locked only as level as your floor (assuming their lock positions were welded or cutout accurately). The Pro-Park 8 Standard not only solves the problem of leveling but also has a unique backup secondary lock. Should a cable go into a slack condition for any reason, the secondary lock will engage automatically.

    The Pro-Park 8 Standard gives you all the features of our high-end commercial 4-post lifts at a very special Direct price. Included with the Pro-Park 8 Standard car lift are a Free Caster Kit with Poly Casters, (4) Free Drip Trays and a Free Jack Tray. An optional Pro-Jack is also available to provide wheels free service. The typical installation time is approximately 4-5 hours.

    The Pro-Park 8 Standard is manufactured by Direct-Lift and is backed by a 5 year parts warranty and a 1 year warranty for the hydraulic power unit/cylinder system.  Direct-Lift® is a Vehicle Service Group company which is a subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV) which is the Largest motorcycle/auto/truck lift manufacturer in the world. Customer service and support after the sale is the best in the business.

    For a limited time, get your choice of Weaver Graphics Lift Decal set included. Choose between Flames or Pinstripes when ordering.


    • Increased Lift Height
    • Commercial Grade
    • Double Lock Ladder Safety System
    • Steel Approach Ramps
    • Powder Coat Finish
    • 8,000 LB. Capacity
    • Diamond Plate Runways
    • Single Point Lock Release
    • 9 Locking Positions (under runway) 20", 26", 32", 38", 44", 50", 56", 62" & 68"
    • INCLUDED Jack tray
    • INCLUDED Caster kit (polyurethane wheels)
    • INCLUDED 4 Drip trays
    • Available in Black color only.

    Question: How much ceiling height clearance will I need to stack my cars?

    Answer: Add the height of your vehicles together, then add 7" to that total. Note: The maximum bottom vehicle height is 79.00" for the Pro Park 8 Plus and the Pro Park 9 Plus. The Pro Park 8 Standard would be 67.00".


    • Distance Between Runways: 37.50"
    • Wheelbase: 150.00"
    • Runway Length: 166.00"
    • Approach Ramp Length: 37.00"
    • Column Dimension 145mm x 74mm
    • Column Thickness 4mm (8 gauge)
    • Baseplate Thickness 10mm
    • Runway Thickness 5mm (6 gauge)
    • Cable Diameter 3/8
    • Lift Capacity: 8000 LB
    • Power Requirements: 110V
    • Concrete: 4.00" 3000 PSI Rebar Reinforced Concreted
    • Shipping Weight: 1780 LBS
    • Hydraulic Oil - AW32 or AW46
    product specs
    • A - Clearance Under Runway: 5' 8'' (68")
    • B - Overall Length: 17' 3.5" (207.5")
    • C - Overall Width: 9' 7" (115") with motor, 8' 7.5" (103.5") without motor, Optional Re-position Bracket
    • D - Inside Column: 7' 10" (94")
    • E - Overall Length w/out Ramps: 14' 7.5" (175.5")
    • F - Column Height: 6' 9.5" (81.5")
    • G - Runway Width: 1' 6.5" (18.5")
    • H - Runway Height: 4.5"
    • I - Distance Between Runways: 3' 2" (38")


    The Direct-Lift® Pro-Park 8 Standard is proudly manufactured by Dover Corp.'s Vehicle Service Group (VSG).  VSG comprises nine major vehicle lifting and collision repair brands: Rotary® Lift, Chief® Automotive Technologies, Forward® Lift, Direct-Lift®, Hanmecson®, Revolution® Lift, Elektron, Blitz® and nogra®. Based in Madison, Ind., VSG has operations worldwide, including ISO 9001-certified manufacturing centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

    Product Videos - All videos are for demonostration purposes. You must wear manufacturer recommended protective gear when using equipment and follow all safety precautions in the manufacturer's operation manual.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. Very nice quality and a good value for the money. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 9th May 2018

      My decision was based on fellow club members. There must be a dozen of these lifts in the area.
      Myself and one and a half friends unpacked and assembled it in less than six hours.
      A complete joy to work on a car at comfortable levels. No more dirt in my eyes or long hair caught by creeper wheels!
      An added bonus is having the floor space underneath while the car is idle. This leaves room for a second car should the day come.

    2. Best addition to my gararge 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd May 2018

      Had this installed, this lift does everything I need the lift to do, especially like that it comes with everything, but the re position bracket, which was well worth it for my application. Great product.

    3. Great product! Best one for my needs. 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 23rd Apr 2018

      Good quality and the right size for my low ceiling (9'5") garage. I paid a company to install it and it was money well spent. Not worth risking a back injury and they gave me some good times on using/maintaining it. Only had it set up a couple weeks. So far...so good!


      Posted by on 22nd Jan 2018

      I have looked at many lifts over the past year. Direct Lift has more lift for the money by far I will be adding another this spring. Two people knowing what they were doing set it up and checked me out in under three hrs., using hand tools and a portable crane ie. engine puller.

    5. Great lift 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 17th May 2017

      I looked at several lifts before deciding with Derek Weaver I had purchased from this group before and was very satisfied with service and quality of the products

    6. Just installed by myself very easy and works great 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 29th Nov 2016

      So far so good I done install by myself in two evenings

    7. Home shop purchase 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Sep 2016

      I received my Pro-Park 8 Standard Lift about 3 weeks ago and installed it myself with the help of my tractor/front end loader. Took 1 day to assemble then made necessary adjustments the second day. Undoubtedly one of the best shop purchases I've ever made. The lift is perfect for my shop and makes my restoration work easier and safer. I have showed it off to my friends and they all are amazed at how well it is made and operates. The certification of this lift was the most important selling point for me and the fact that it works with my 10' ceiling height. Thanks Derek Weaver for excellent service and this product.

    8. Great Lift 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 14th Sep 2016

      I put it together by myself. It only took a few hours. The instruction leave a little to be desired. If you do just as it says and look up the part numbers, everything is correct. I would recommend in it to any one looking for a lift.

    9. Great lift, great service 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Jul 2016

      Just got this put up and it works great. Very solid construction and very stable. I had to shim the posts to get level because my floor has a slope with a drain. But after shimming and getting level, its very solid. Instructions could be better, you have to read through them a couple of times and also refer to the schematics. The lift is a 5, but I marked it a 4 because of the directions. I had a drip damaged and they sent a new one no questions asked.
      Definitely would recommend this lift.

    10. Solid 4 post lift 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 15th Jun 2016

      It took 4 guys about 5 hours to assemble. About half the time was spent reading and confirming all directions. The directions were a bit hard to follow (yet workable) and a good re-write could assist others.

      Overall, everything went smoothly and it is in place and in use. To this point, the unit has met my expectation.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 40 | Next


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