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Weaver® W-957-40 Wheel Balancer

Weaver® Equipment

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Best Seller! Now with FREE Light Truck Cone Kit, $250.00 Value!  Trusted the world over, the Weaver® W-957-40 has become one of America's Best Selling Wheel Balancers since 2007.  Now with 40mm Shaft!  Why have they become so Popular?  As our reviews confirm, Weaver® Wheel Balancers are Accurate on all wheel types, Reliable in demanding shops, have ALU programs for tape on weights on nice rims.  All Weaver® tire changers and balancers are manufactured by Nexion, the Italian company that invented the first wheel clamp tire changer in 1962.  But we don't stop there!  It is a 30+ year tradition that we take care of our customers after the sale with a huge parts inventory and Great Customer Service.  

FREE SHIPPING!  Includes Free Residential and Free Lift Gate Service!  

Which Weaver® Wheel Balancer is Right for you? (See chart below)

The W-937 and W-957 share the same software, the main difference being the space requirement.


Note - Some offset and dually wheels will require our truck cone kit, which includes the back cone spacer cup and the large cone for center holes up to 6 7/8".  The W-937 and W-957 Wheel Balancers with 36 mm. shafts use the W-TKD 36mm Truck Cone Kit, and the W-937-40 / W-957-40 / W-977 with 40 mm. shafts use the W-TKD 40mm.

The Weaver® W-957-40 has been a proven iconic design for over 20 years with thousands sold.  The W-957-40 has the added safety hood and display panel mounted above the weight tray for added protection and better visibility.    The Weaver® W-957-40 is a Full Featured design that will withstand the rigors of a volume tire shop at an affordable price.  Components used in the W-957-40 are state of the art designs typically reserved for more expensive wheel balancers.  Incorporated into the design is an easy to use data entry sequence, Static and Dynamic balancing along with multiple balance modes for a variety of weight placements.  The user calibration is a quick and easy two step process that utilizes fast software updating using a real test weight sequence.   

Check out these Professional grade spec's.  The Weaver® W-957-40 will handle rims up to 24" in diameter as well as wheel widths up to 20" and tire/wheel assemblies weighing up to 155-lbs.   Bigger truck tires are no problem with this machine.  Our New standard cone set (3 cones with an extra truck cone and truck spacer ring) has been Custom Tapered to accommodate a range from 1.625" - 6.125" center holes.  Now includes FREE Light Truck Cone Kit, $250.00 Value!  (optional dually truck cone kit)  Beware! - Some brand X balancers offer 4 old style cones that only go up to 5" center holes in the hope they can sell you a 5th cone set to do trucks for another $270.00 - Buyer Beware!  Less cones that do more,...That's Cool!   

Also Beware of some brand X balancers that claim to be "Professional Grade or Commercial Grade" yet only use a 1/4 H.P. motor compared to our True Rated 1/3 H.P. motors.  The Weaver® W-937-40 and W-957-40 balancers are true Commercial Grade machines.  

The Weaver® W-957-40 is manufactured by Nexion and carries a 1-year limited warranty. Nexion is the Italian Manufacturer Nexion SpA which owns the Italian Brands; Corghi, HPA Faip, Mondolfo Ferro, Orlandini, Sice, Tecnomotor, Teco and Bright. Nexion is a worldwide leader in wheel service equipment since 1962 and is recognized internationally for their reliable and accurate products due to the oversight by the Italian Design Engineers. All wheel clamp style tire changers in the world are a result of Italian invention. 

All Weaver® Brand Equipment is manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory with products that have earned the CE certification as labeled on every machine. Nexion has consistently built and provided components to some of the largest brand name products throughout Europe, Asia and the USA including Bend Pak tire changers, Ranger tire changers, Corghi tire changers, Dunlop tire changers, Bosch tire changers and many more. We are simply providing some of their best products Direct to you at the lowest possible price.

Parts are in stock for immediate support on all of our Weaver® models.  We have sold and serviced these models since 2007 with an excellent track record and warranty levels that are consistently at or below the Big Brand names.  We believe all of our Weaver branded products provide the highest quality at an unbeatable price.  Since 1984, Derek Weaver Company has only carried products that we can stand behind with confidence to deliver the results we all desire.       


  • Hood Activated Start
  • Self Calibrating
  • Accurate to 1 gram 
  • Weight Storage
  • Accessory Pegs
  • 8” Long 40MM Shaft
  • Four Cones
  • ST, AL1, AL2, AL3 Balancing Modes
  • Hood, Speed Nut, Hammer and Caliper Standard Accessories
  • Optional Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Kit
  • Optional Truck Kit


  • Rim Width Range: 1.5" - 20.0"
  • Shaft Size: 40MM
  • Rim Diameter Range: 10" - 24"
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 39"
  • Max. Wheel Weight: 155lbs.
  • Electrical Requirement: 115V 60Hz 1Phase 20 Amp
  • Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Cycle Time: 7 Seconds
  • Read Out: Oz. / Grams
  • Accuracy: 1 gram
  • Hood: Standard
  • Small Cone: 44mm - 65mm (1.73 - 2.56") For 40MM Shaft (inside mount W-TB-P-0300031)
  • Medium Cone: 54mm - 78mm (2.13 - 3.10") For 40MM Shaft (inside mount W-TB-P-0300032)
  • Large Cone: 74mm - 108mm (2.91 - 4.25") For 40MM Shaft (outside mount W-TB-P-0300033)
  • Truck Cone: 90mm - 158mm (3.54 - 6.22") For 40MM Shaft (outside mount W-TB-P-0300034
  • Truck Spacer Ring - allows full range use of 6.22" cone (W-TB-P-0200010)
  • Weight Hammer: Standard
  • Quick Nut: Standard
  • Calibration Weight: Standard
  • Rim Width Gauge : Standard
  • Dimensions: 72" Height x 55" Width x 45" Depth
  • Shipping Weight: 379-lbs

WARRANTY - All Weaver® Brand Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers carry a 1 Year Warranty.  Our CE Certified Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers are NOT limited by this warranty and also carry a 1 Year Warranty on all Electronic Components.  Weaver® Brand Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers are non-returnable/non refundable items.  Warranty defects will be solved under the machine warranty.  Beware of sellers who claim higher quality electrical components and yet will not warranty them beyond 90 days!


With the optional motorcycle wheel mount kit you can also balance a wide range of motorcycle wheels by simply switching the shaft mount.


The Weaver® W-957-40 is proudly manufactured by the Italian Group Nexion SpA.  Nexion comprises nine major Italian wheel service brands: Corghi®, HPA Faip®, Mondolfo Ferro®, Orlandini®, Sice®, Tecnomotor®, Teco®, Bright®, and Stenhoj®.  Based in Italy, Nexion has operations worldwide, including manufacturing centers in Italy, Europe, and Asia.footer-nexion.png

22 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent machine,easy set up

    Posted by Steve on 5th Dec 2023

    Machine works perfectly,easy to use

  • 5
    Wheel Balancer

    Posted by Larry Neil on 21st Oct 2022

    I received my 957-40 Wheel Balancer and the set-up and Calibration was easy and uneventful. I watched the Set-Up and Calibration Videos several time before arrival of Balancer. Follow those Videos and the set-up and Cal are straight forward and easy, I subsequently balanced 2-tires with no issues. In fact, I said to myself this is too easy. I Have two observations: First the item was shipped by Old Dominion Freight. Delivery man was excellent; however, item arrived in 55 foot semi-truck. No way to get to work area. I explained this to scheduler 4-days earlier. Her answer was they have a dolly. I explained if it is a truck dolly with little wheels it’s not going to work in Florida sand. Sure enough driver showed up and said his dolly would not work. To solve problem We matched tail gates and placed in my truck and transported to work area. Just be advised the balancer is delivered in a 54 foot Semi-truck. Second observation: Wheel width tool use Videos not clear on how to use on Honda Rims for example. Indent not same on both sides of wheel. Outside of Rim has no indentation. Maybe go above rim where lowest point of rubber is or forego tool and measure rim width with tire off. Just not clear, Overall very satisfied. I hope this helps.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael DELORT on 11th Mar 2022

    Purchased in February 22. Basic wheel balancer, no frills, works great. Didn't need a fancy machine with lasers and tons of settings. This one gets the job done. Very bright display. Done 14" wheels up to 20" f150 wheels with no issues. Also Derek Weaver has great customer service. Had a small issue and they responded promptly and got it resolved. Thanks

  • 5
    957-40 Wheel Balancer

    Posted by Michael Patterson on 27th Jun 2021

    Quick shipping on my Derek Weaver 957-40 wheel balancer. Arrived in a well packaged crate. Easy to set up and initial program. Have only balance one set of tires so far and it has worked great.

  • 5

    Posted by Richard Harris on 17th May 2021

    This is the second balancer I have purchased along with 2 tire changers and I plan on buying more. They work great and are priced very fair. Great customer service too.

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by Turgut on 8th Jan 2021

    I give the machine five stars. It was easy to set up and calibrate. It works very well so far. I only had it for a week . The only issue I had was due to corona virus it took me a month to receive it.

  • 5
    Good balancer, excellent customer service

    Posted by Matt on 23rd May 2019

    I bought this balancer for my home shop, and it works very well. It's not super fancy, but it does the job well for the money spent. Having never done business with Derek Weaver before, I was a little hesitant to make a purchase this large. After speaking with the rep (sorry, can't remember her name) I was blown away with how knowledgeable and personable she was. If everyone that works for this company is as good to deal with as she was, I am confident I will do business with them again.

  • 5
    957 balancer

    Posted by Cumberland supply on 19th Apr 2019

    Fast delivery, easy setup and operation, accurate balancing

  • 5
    Good Balancer

    Posted by Mike on 20th Apr 2018

    I have owned this balancer for a year now and It works very well.

  • 5
    very good

    Posted by lev vybinov on 26th Oct 2017

    very good

  • 5
    An excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2017

    As a shop with demand for tire balancing the equipment is very cost effective. Electronics on the balancer are easy to use and the device seems very precise in the tire balancing process. Given Competitive pricing on tire balancing it is easy to justify the purchase of this balancerl

  • 5
    great balancer

    Posted by mickey alley on 15th May 2017

    great balancer for the great!

  • 5
    Its just as good as the coats we had

    Posted by Wally on 6th Dec 2016

    We have a 3 man auto repair shop,were we might do 10 tires a week...we balance more then we repair,because of the road conditions here in Pennsylvania.Monster Pot holes and rough roads..I was kind of weary about buying this W957 but was talked into it by the other guys has been a good machine..We use it alot..It was shipped from Houston to our shop here in Pennsylvania in a few days..The carrier was old dominion they did a real nice job,no damage or nicks of any kind..Set up is easy,calibrate it before you use it..I found that Weaver made a better video then the CD that comes with it..After using the W957 for a few weeks,it was getting real easy and kept giving me balanced tires all the time ...So I compared a balanced Weaver tire with my buddys coats balancer across town,and it still came out 00 across the board which made me happy..for the really cant beat it...hopefully a year from now I can give the same review.

  • 5
    Nice to own

    Posted by Shane on 4th Mar 2016

    Very ezy to get set up and start getting the job done.

  • 5
    very good for the small shop

    Posted by Larry on 29th Sep 2015

    Set up was very easy calibrate was easy works great. Very easy to operate.

  • 5
    Awesome Results, reasonably priced balancer

    Posted by Ron on 25th Sep 2014

    Delivery and setup went flawlessly. The results are good, mounted and balanced 2 sets (8) tires so far, light truck and low profile aluminum rims, very happy with the results.

  • 5
    Very good Product for your money.

    Posted by Rusty Walper on 19th Jan 2014

    I was impressed with the speed the item was shipped. I also was impressed with how easy it was to setup and calibrate the balancer. I have had the balancer for two weeks and have used it several times. It is easy to use and very accurate.

  • 5
    Great machine,

    Posted by Ronnie on 25th Oct 2013

    I have only had this machine for a couple weeks, but I am very pleased with the performance. I am using it in a private garage and it will work out great for me.

  • 5
    Great value machine

    Posted by bucaneer bob may ok on 22nd May 2013

    Bought to use for personal use and don't think I could have found a better machine for the money. Looks like it will last me forever.Shipped by Old Dominion freight. Great Driver.

  • 5
    Great Machine!

    Posted by Gerald Charlottesville,VA on 13th May 2013

    Very easy to operate and it comes with a video. Great Balancer!

  • 5
    easy to understand and operate

    Posted by Mohammad Ali on 24th Apr 2013

    You provided booklet, video and live help - it is great service and very practical machine-Donna and her associates are great pr people. Thanks. m.ali

  • 5
    great product for the right price

    Posted by terry d green. on 8th Apr 2013

    I bought a tire machine & a new balancer and there both excellent products thanks for your great products.

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