35-6350 K&L MC625R Motorcycle Lift Table

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The MC625R is the Official Lift of Paul Jr. Designs and that means Air Superiority!  The MC625R includes Twin Cylinders and 1,750-lbs. of capacity.  Just ask and they will surely mention the comfortable Maximum Lifting Height of 40".  Add the optional Side Extensions for a Maximum Width of 59" for a perfect Trike Solution.

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The MC625R motorcycle lift by K & L Supply is how we define Air Superiority. This lift combines the best features of our MC655R hydraulic motorcycle lift with the convenience of air.  The new Ram Squared twin cylinder system gives the MC625R motorcycle lift a rated working capacity of 1750 lbs. Optional side panels, now with our redesigned fastmount system, increase the working width of the MC625R from 29.5" to 59”, allowing the widest utility vehicles and golf carts to be serviced.  An easy to install extension is also available, adding two feet front or rear to the overall length for longer custom bikes.  Combine those features, plus the value you expect from K&L, and you have a handy motorcycle lift that will be right for all of your needs.  


  • 29.5 x 86.5 deck
  • Drop panels at front and rear of lift
  • Max raised height of 40", lowered height is 7”
  • Motorcycle Lift capacity 1750-lbs.
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Loading ramp included
  • One year warranty
  • Shipping weight 496-lbs.
  • Blue in color
  • Optional Red - 35-6355 Please specify in comments
  • Optional Gray - 35-6360 Please specify in comments


35-6557          24” Front / Rear Extension - $190.00  

35-6552          Side Panel Kit for MC625R or MC650 - 59" Width - $530.00  

35-4040          MC10R Deluxe Wheel Clamp (Fits 120 to 160 series tire) - $245.00  

35-9926          Crank Style Wheel Vise – $285.00

35-0318          Lift Extension Kit - $145.00

35-9872          MC460 Shop Dolly Blue - $275.00

35-9940          Lift Gate - $395.00

37-8660          MC455 Fat Jack  - $295.00  

37-9841          MC450 Center Jack - $265.00     


Side Panel Side Panel Fastmount System increases the working width of the MC625 and MC650 to 59". The additional width allows you to service on Trikes, Utility Vehicles and Golf Carts.  Kits Includes 4 Extensions and 2 Ramps.

 1mc625-side-panelset.jpg 2mc625-b-0043.jpg   3mc625-b-0037.jpg  4side-pnlset-2.jpg


Long Bikes! The Quick Mount Front / Rear Extensions fit into the lift frame members and can be used on the front and/or rear of your MC625 / MC650.  Each extension is 24” long and matches the lift deck width of 29.5”.  If you use an extension at both ends of the lift you have an overall deck length more than 11'.  That is Long!  The extensions are easily removed when working on standard sized bikes.

 5fr-extension.jpg 6dscn5065.jpg  7mc625-extpanel2.jpg  8mc625-shop-blue.jpg 


Note: Panel use requires removal of metal cover over frame end.