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Weaver® W-987 Wheel Balancer

Weaver® Equipment

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Introducing the Newest Laser Guided Tape On Weight Champion, Weaver® W-987 computer wheel balancer with Ultra HD LCD display.  Now with FREE Light Truck Cone Kit, $250.00 Value!  Our latest Italian technology utilizes Smooth Balance algorithm software to correct Static and Coupled Imbalances with Laser Guided pinpoint accuracy at 1/2 the cost of most competitive machines.  For tape on weight placements, simply pull the distance arm out to the desired weight position and the balancer automatically sets up in the correct tape weight smart mode for Fast laser guided weight placement.  Dead on the first time!  Select clip on or tape on weight usage for static single weight, coupled dynamic 2 plane, hidden weight 2 plane or hidden spoke 2 plane.  Finally, the right balancer with the right features at the right price backed by our outstanding customer service since 1984.           

Trusted the world over, the Weaver® W-987 is a Premium, Commercial Grade Semi-Auto Entry Computer Wheel Balancer.  The W-987 Wheel Balancer has quickly become one of America's Best Selling Wheel Balancers.  Why have they become so Popular?  As our reviews confirm, Weaver® Wheel Balancers are Accurate on all wheel types, Reliable in demanding shops, have simple ALU programs for tape on weights on nice rims.  All Weaver® Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers are manufactured by Nexion, the Italian company that invented the first wheel clamp tire changer in 1962.  But we don't stop there!  It is a 35+ year tradition that we take care of our customers after the sale with a huge parts inventory and Great Customer Service. 

FREE SHIPPING!  Includes Free Residential and Free Lift Gate Service!  

Which Weaver® Wheel Balancer is Right for you? (See chart below)

The W-937 and W-957 share the same software, the main difference being the space requirement.


Note - Some offset and dually wheels will require our truck cone kit, which includes the back cone spacer cup and the large dual sided cone for center holes up to 6 7/8".  The W-937 and W-957 Wheel Balancers with 36 mm. shafts use the W-TKD 36mm Truck Cone Kit, and the W-937-40 / W-957-40 / W-977 / W-987 with 40 mm. shafts use the W-TKD 40mm.

Derek Weaver Company announces the newest addition to our Commercial Grade wheel service line, the Weaver® W-987 Computer Wheel Balancer.  The Weaver® W-987 features a Semi-Automatic Data Entry Gauge for both the Distance and Wheel Diameter.  Simply extend the distance gauge to contact the inside of the mounted wheel assembly and the W-987 automatically enters the Distance and Diameter parameters Only leaving the wheel width to be entered manually.

Key Features Include: 

  • Distance Gauge weight holder grips tape on wheel weights and guides the correct placement on the wheel.
  • Special ALU Smart modes for hidden weight and hidden spoke weight placement 
  • Laser Guided weight placement for pinpoint accuracy
  • LED Illuminator provides clear view inside wheel. 
  • Heavy Duty capacity 40mm shaft allows balancing up to 155-lb. tire/wheel assembly.
  • Self Diagnosing and self calibrating allow easy operator control.  Plug and Play style components make for easy operator replacements without the need for expensive service calls and labor repairs.
  • Large Ultra HD LCD Display provides crisp and clear viewing angle.
  • Foot Pedal Spindle Lock to assist in accurate weight placements. 
  • DSP Digital Signal Processor and Direct Axis Drive System are accurate within hundredths of an ounce.
  • Highly Accurate and Reliable.

The W-987 is a Full Featured design that will withstand the rigors of a volume tire shop at an affordable price.  Components used in the W-987 are state of the art designs typically reserved for more expensive wheel balancers.  Incorporated into the design is an easy to use automatic data entry sequence, Static and Dynamic balancing along with multiple balance smart modes for a variety of hidden weight placements.  It also has a Foot Pedal Spindle Lock for accurate weight placements.  The user calibration is a quick and easy two step process that utilizes fast software updating using a real test weight sequence.   

Check out these Professional grade spec's.  The Weaver® W-987 will handle rims up to 28" in diameter as well as wheel widths up to 20" and tire/wheel assemblies weighing up to 155-lbs.   Bigger light truck tires are no problem with this machine.  The standard cone set (4 cones) have been Custom Tapered to accommodate a range from 1.75" - 6.125" center holes.  Now with FREE Light Truck Cone Kit, $250.00 Value!  Beware! - Some brand X balancers offer 4 old style cones that only go up to 5" center holes in the hope they can sell you a 5th cone set to do trucks for another $270.00 - Buyer Beware!  Our cones do more,...That's Cool!   

Also Beware of some brand X balancers that claim to be "Professional Grade or Commercial Grade" yet only use a 1/4 H.P. motor compared to our True Rated 1/3 H.P. motors.  The Weaver W-937, W-957 and W-987 balancers are true Commercial Grade machines.  

The Weaver® W-987 is manufactured by Nexion and carries a 1-year limited warranty. Nexion is the Italian Manufacturer Nexion SpA which owns the Italian Brands; Corghi, HPA Faip, Mondolfo Ferro, Orlandini, Sice, Tecnomotor, Teco and Bright Corwei. Nexion is a worldwide leader in wheel service equipment since 1962 and is recognized internationally for their reliable and accurate products due to the oversight by the Italian Design Engineers. All wheel clamp style tire changers in the world are a result of Nexion's Italian invention. 

All Weaver® Brand Equipment is manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory with products that have earned the CE certification as labeled on every machine. Nexion has consistently built and provided components to some of the largest brand name products throughout Europe, Asia and the USA including Bend Pak tire changers, Ranger tire changers, Corghi tire changers, Dunlop tire changers, Bosch tire changers and many more. We are simply providing some of their best products Direct to you at the lowest possible price.

Parts are in stock for immediate support on all of our Weaver® models.  We have sold and serviced these models since 2007 with an excellent track record and warranty levels that are consistently at or below the Big Brand names.  We believe all of our Weaver® branded products provide the highest quality at an unbeatable price.  Since 1984, Derek Weaver Company has only carried products that we can stand behind with confidence to deliver the results we all desire.      


  • Hood Activated Start
  • Laser Guided weight placement
  • LED Illuminator
  • Ultra HD LCD Display
  • Self Calibrating-requires 15" or 16" steel wheel and tire
  • Automatic Distance and Diameter Entry
  • Foot Pedal Spindle Lock for accurate weight placement
  • Weight placement with distance gauge
  • Hidden spoke feature for hiding weights behind spoked wheels
  • Accurate to 1 gram 
  • Weight Storage
  • Extra Accessory storage
  • 8” Long 40MM Shaft
  • Four Cones
  • Static, Dynamic, ALS1, ALS2 Multi-Balancing Modes 
  • Hood, Speed Nut, Hammer and Caliper Standard Accessories
  • Optional Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Kit
  • Optional Truck Kit


  • Rim Diameter: 1-28"
  • Rim Width: 1.5"-20"
  • Max Tire Diameter: 44"
  • Max Wheel/Tire Weight: 155-lbs.
  • Shaft Size: 40 mm
  • Weight Hammer: Standard
  • Dimensions: 65" Height x 55" Width x 48" Depth
  • Shipping Weight: 395-lbs.
  • Accuracy: 1 gram.
  • Hood: Standard
  • Small Cone: 44mm - 65mm (1.73 - 2.56") For 40MM Shaft (inside mount W-TB-P-0300031)
  • Medium Cone: 54mm - 78mm (2.13 - 3.10") For 40MM Shaft (inside mount W-TB-P-0300032)
  • Large Cone: 74mm - 108mm (2.91 - 4.25") For 40MM Shaft (outside mount W-TB-P-0300033)
  • Truck Cone: 90mm - 158mm (3.54 - 6.22") For 40MM Shaft (outside mount W-TB-P-0300034) 
  • Truck Spacer Ring (W-TB-P-0200010)
  • Electrical Requirement: 115V 60 Hz 1Phase 20 Amp
  • Motor: 1/3 H.P.
  • Cycle Time: 5 seconds
  • Display: Oz. / Grams / Standard / Metric
  • Quick Nut: Standard
  • Self Calibration Weight: Standard
  • Automatic Data Entry: Standard

WARRANTY - All Weaver® Brand Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers carry a 1 Year Warranty.  Our CE Certified Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers are NOT limited by this warranty and also carry a 1 Year Warranty on all Electronic Components.  Weaver® Brand Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers are non-returnable/non refundable items.  Warranty defects will be solved under the machine warranty.  Beware of sellers who claim higher quality electrical components and yet will not warranty them beyond 90 days!


With the optional motorcycle wheel mount kit you can also balance a wide range of motorcycle wheels by simply switching the shaft mount.


The Weaver® W-987 is proudly manufactured by the Italian Group Nexion SpA.  Nexion comprises nine major Italian wheel service brands: Corghi®, HPA Faip®, Mondolfo Ferro®, Orlandini®, Sice®, Tecnomotor®, Teco®, Bright®, and Stenhoj®.  Based in Italy, Nexion has operations worldwide, including manufacturing centers in Italy, Europe, and Asia.



10 Reviews

  • 4
    Nice Wheel Balancer

    Posted by Michael A. Chiappone on 23rd Dec 2023

    Very nice balancer. I use this for personal vehicles and have it set up in my garage with the matching Weaver Tire Mounter/Dismounter. Very easy setup. Calibrated with the provided weights as directed for initial start up. Weaver has great step by step videos. Did have 1 problem but was fixed with a quick call to customer service. I was “chasing weight” and it couldn’t zero out any wheel I tried correctly. Turns out the laser also needed calibration. Easy to do with an another video. Overall I’m very satisfied.

  • 5
    W-987 wheel balancer

    Posted by Joe Rodriguez on 23rd Dec 2022

    This machine works awsome. It’s better then expected. I bought the package with changer and assist arm. This machine works flawlessly. So glad I went with Derek weaver and not some other big names on this one. Everything was in stock and got to me within a week. They were great. They told me it was in stock and it was. Ordered a lift through bend$427 and was told it was in stock until I paid. Then took 4 months to get. Weaver is way to go. Next lift I get will be a weaver. And other then that tire balancer works awsome.

  • 5

    Posted by Pat Walker on 16th Aug 2022

    We needed this balancer very quick, our old machine went down and this is exactly what we needed. Fast shipping, accurate and easy to use!

  • 5
    Weaver w-987 balancer

    Posted by Jerry Strahan on 29th Jun 2022

    My first impression of the machine, WOW! It looks like a brand new Cadillac. It looks great in my shop next to the weaver tire changer we already had. We bought this machine to replace our worn-out hunter machine which was long overdue. I highly recommend this balancer for those not looking to spend over $$$$, it has all the features you would need and the laser is spot on! Simple and quick operation.

  • 5
    Weaver Balancer

    Posted by Mike Johnston on 27th Jun 2022

    The weaver company salesman was extremely knowledgeable about the wheel balancers and he was more interested in getting the best balancer for me than upselling. He pointed me towards the 987 balancer because I told him I would be doing a majority of alloy wheels. Explained that the laser feature and aluminum smart modes would save a lot of time compared to the other models. After further research, the 987 appeared to be the best balancer at a much lower price than the other sellers. They have very helpful videos and I had the machine up and running within hours after it was delivered. I have balanced at least 10 sets of ties and it has been running like a champ!

  • 5
    Weaver 987 Wheel Balancer

    Posted by Taylor Sims on 20th Jun 2022

    Weaver just takes care of their customers. We have several of their lifts and have always had great responses for parts and tech help. We took a chance on this new model to replace our hunter (they wanted an arm and 2 legs to fix it). It arrived in 2 days and we had it rollin in about 2 hours. We have balanced about a hundred rims with no issues. My guys love the quick operation for stick ons and the laser hasn't missed. Very happy with this and the price was right.

  • 5
    w-987 balancer

    Posted by Bruce Allen on 17th Jun 2022

    We are a full service tire shop and have the Weaver tire changers which work great. I wanted to add a balancer to back up our coats machine and gave this one a try knowing Weaver has the support and parts. Setup was easy with the guide and videos, calibration was perfect. I wasn't expecting it to be this fast and easy to operate, very happy with this machine and the cost was a huge savings over coats. Highly recommend it!

  • 5

    Posted by Shawn Polachek on 10th Jun 2022

    Very easy to use and self explanatory. Wish it had more storage bins/compartments. Overall, great machine.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Mitchell on 8th Jun 2022

    I’m a novice at the tire business and this balancer is very easy to use. Watched the videos at and I feel like a pro. At this time I have balanced 40-60 wheels and tires with no complaints and that has been from trailer wheels to pro touring classic cars wheels.

  • 5

    Posted by roger c on 8th Jun 2022

    very solid machine, ordered monday and recieved it Thursday which is what i was told to expect. machine was easy set up and already balanced two sets of tires. tHe laser feature sold me.

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