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Weaver Lift

Warehouse pick up price Now ($2299.00).  Our #1 Seller!  The Next Big Thing has arrived at Weaver® Lift. Finally, the Right Lift at the Right Price from the Right Manufacturer!  The All New Weaver® Lift W-Pro10 Certified (PL10N000) manufactured by the Vehicle Service Group subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Dover Corp. (VSG/Dover*)is back and now better than ever!  That's right, after a 1 year absence and a total makeover, the formerly retired Pro10 is not only back, It's Certified! VSG/Dover and Weaver® Lift have taken the best features from their best selling lifts and combined them into the all new Weaver® W-Pro10 at an unbeatable price.  The best of the best blend together here in an outstanding 10,000-lb. Commercial Grade 2-post lift.  This lift is also available in BLUE or BLACK

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The W-Pro10 delivers High Marks in all categories.  Let's check out the Top 5;

1) The W-Pro10 is manufactured for Weaver® Lift by the VSG subsidiary of the Fortune 500 Dover Corp. (NYSE:DOV) Based Here, Certified Here and Insured Here in the USA. VSG/Dover is the Largest Lift Manufacturer in the World and enjoys over 80% market share of the car dealer business in this country.  Why?  Because they take care of business, before, during and especially after the sale.  You simply cannot get the "Peace Of Mind" from any other lift manufacturer that you have when you own a VSG/Dover product.  

*VSG/Dover has "Hundreds of Thousands" of lifts and service racks installed in vehicle repair shops worldwide.  Currently selling over 50,000 units per year.  More than any other manufacturer.    

2) The W-Pro10 has VSG/Dover and Weaver® Lift's best features blended into one Fabulous Design at a new level of affordability. 

     VSG's Push Style Direct-Drive Cylinders and 2-Piece Rotary Column design for Adjustability in Width and Height. 

     VSG's Strong Column, Oversized Carriages and Arms.

     Weaver® Lift's Reliable Power Unit and Complete Stack Adapter/Lift Pad Set with a 3 5/8" Low Pad Height.  

Let's see, That's 60% VSG/Dover + 40% Weaver® Lift = 100% BADASS 

3) The Weaver® Lift W-Pro10 (PL10N000) is Certified to the rigid OSHA recognized ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 USA automotive lift standard.  To validate this claim, ALI requires the lift to be 3rd party tested by the nationally recognized ETL testing lab (Intertek) and engineers.  The W-Pro10 passed this validation process and has earned the right to wear the ALI/ETL Gold Label.  Your insurance company will like this.

4) Parts, Warranty and Support remain unmatched in this industry.  VSG/Dover backs their products with a great warranty and support team that no other lift company can come close to.  The majority of car dealers know this and enjoy the "Peace of Mind" that comes with owning a VSG/Dover product.  The VSG/Dover parts delivery system is a 7 Tower REMSTAR computerized storage system worth over 7 million dollars.  This parts system rivals that of most car companies.  Their commitment to the customer cannot be matched.  The W-Pro10 has a 5-Year Structural Warranty and a 1-Year Parts Warranty.  

5) Also known across the country for our outstanding customer service, the W-Pro10 is sold and supported by Derek Weaver Company.  States Derek, "Our new W-Pro10 has quickly become our best selling 10,000-lb. 2-post lift.  The acceptance of this new lift model for us and our customers has been...well, a No Brainer.  The quality that is being manufactured by VSG/Dover shines in every aspect of the W-Pro10.  Noticeable quality is found in every detail, from the packaging, the manual, the installation, ease of operation,  service and parts availability, the certification, the insurance,...etc., simply does not compare to any other lift in it's class.  At this price level there is really no comparison.  The benchmark has been raised and the price just got lowered."     

Check out the strong features list of the W-Pro10:


  • Super Symmetric Lift Arms – 3 stage offset front arms and 2 stage rear arms allow both asymmetric and symmetric lifting methods.
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Safety System Automatic All Positions
  • Oversized carriages spread the load out across the column to reduce the overall load on the lift.  
  • Adjustable Height Columns allow fit under a 12’ ceiling or an additional 6”.
  • Adjustable Column Width provides 6” adjustment for narrow service bays.
  • Rubber Door Guards to protect against door damage
  • Hydraulic Hoses Routed Inside Columns for Protection
  • One of the Lowest Lifting Pad Heights starting at only 3 5/8"
  • Stackable Height Adapters in 3 sizes, 1 3/4”, 3 1/2" and 5" heights (4 Each).
  • Single Point Lock Release to unlock both columns from one side.
  • Heavy Duty Arm Restraint System with oversized steel gears, pins and springs for trouble free operation.
  • Swing Arm Restraints Automatic Locking Above 2 1/2"
  • Padded Overhead Shut Off Bar to protect vehicle
  • Self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene Slide Blocks
  • Powder Coated BLUE Paint Finish, also available in RED
  • Anchor Bolts Included
  • Optional U-shaped Truck/Frame Adapters
  • Optional Blue Paint Finish

Now, lift buyers that need a 10,000-lb. capacity Car Lift can buy the Certified W-Pro10 at aNon-Certified Price.


  • Lifting Capacity: 10,000 LBS.
  • Motor Rating:  2HP, 208-230V, 60Hz, 1 PH, 12 - 16 amps, 20A circuit
  • Overall Floor Width: 137" or 131"
  • Overall Height: 143" or 149"
  • MIN. Floor to Ceiling Height: 150” or 144"
  • Floor to Overhead Shut-Off Switch: 143-5/8” or 137-5/8"
  • Lifting Height w/ 5"Adapter 76 5/8"
  • Low Pad Height: 3 5/8"
  • Pad Height W/ 1 3/4" Adapter 5-3/8"
  • Pad Height W/ 3 1/2" Adapter 7-1/8"
  • Pad Height W/ 5" Adapter 8 5/8"
  • Arm Steel Thickness - Rear outer 6mm, Rear inner 8mm, Front outer 6mm, Front middle 8mm Front inner 25mm
  • Column Steel Thickness - 6mm
  • Column Size - 11" x 7"
  • Width Between Columns: 115" or 109"
  • Width Between Carriages: 113” or 107"
  • Drive Thru:  105" or 99"
  • Front Arm Reach (min/max) 23” / 44-1/2” (584mm/1130mm)
  • Rear Arm Reach )min/max) 36” / 58” (914mm / 1473mm)

  • Shipping Weight:  1750-LBs.
  • Concrete Requirement: MINIMUM. 4 1/4" Depth, 3000 PSI 
  • Base Plate:  16.5" X 18"
  • Lifting Time: 48 Seconds Unloaded, 53 Seconds at rated capacity
  • Power Unit Height 72-1/2"
  • Hydraulic Oil - AW32 or AW46


ALI ETL Certified Lift



The Weaver® Lift W-Pro10 is proudly manufactured by Dover Corp.'s Vehicle Service Group (VSG).  VSG comprises nine major vehicle lifting and collision repair brands: Rotary Lift, Chief®Automotive Technologies, Forward® Lift, Direct-Lift®, Hanmecson®, Revolution® Lift, Elektron, Blitz® and nogra®. Based in Madison, Ind., VSG has operations worldwide, including ISO 9001-certified manufacturing centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


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  • 5
    Not a bad lift

    Posted by Sean on 1st Aug 2018

    It's been installed for about 10 months now and no issues with daily professional use. I doubt it will go 35 years like the lift it replaced but if it makes it 10 years I'll be satisfied. We installed it ourselves with no experience and it shouldn't be an issue for someone with a mechanical background. We recently lost another 30 year old hoist and bought another of this model so obviously we liked the first one.

  • 5

    Posted by John M. Polonchak on 30th Jul 2018

    Replaced an old lift in my shop with this lift - had to get online and perform a bleed procedure on the hydraulics - after that it performs wonderfully - very pleased with this lift - great product and value!

  • 5
    Black Pro10

    Posted by Mike on 8th May 2018

    I did a lot of research before buying this lift including going to see other brands in person. I started off looking at less expensive models and on paper and in the ads they are appealing until you see them in person. In the end I decided to go with the Weaver Pro10 and couldn’t be happier. The build quality and certification put this lift in a class by itself. The assemetric arms work really well and free up floor space when folded back and not in use.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Hill on 18th Apr 2018

    lift is great. instructions could use a little help yo say the least. 100% satisfied. Missed out on my free garage sign...didnt say anything as I ordered as I assumed it was just included. oh well. definetly suggest the Pro10 to anybody

  • 5
    Impressive quality

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2017

    The lift was very well constructed with thick steel on the towers and heavy duty arms. I would definitely recommend this lift to anyone wanting a HD two post. A+ on this lift

  • 5
    Weaver Pro10

    Posted by Moore777 on 14th Aug 2017

    Did a lot of research before my purchase, great buy and customer service my unit when I picked it up was packaged with the wrong cables ... After about 5-6 hours of trying to make it work I just gave up and waited till they were open .... Took some measurements and they solved my problem ... wrong cables .... They immediately took care of the issue and had new cables on the way .... $hit Happens I was out a little bit of time and pissed me off some but at the end they took care of the issue

  • 5
    Weaver lift 10000 lb

    Posted by Dusty on 13th Nov 2016

    So far lift has been a benificial asset to garage. Install went good but instructions could have a few more details. Thanks for fast service and friendly help when calling. Good price for certified lift!!

  • 5
    weaver lifts are great

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Oct 2016

    i looked long and hard for lifts and did a lot of research if you are looking for a good ALI certified lift i would recommend this one ... i feel better standing under something i know has been tested

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